Why are we receiving 0.0041BTC

Transaction incoming to my maidsafe address from 1FactomGnNFTsTVx8jiGjcLKDpyL65GDsH

Related to the Factom crowdsale? Did you participate in their crowdsale ?


Why are you asking here? Anyone can send you anything they want. Your address is public.

(And the answer to your question is: congrats, you’ve been spammed)

Nope, strange… Maybe I should invest in it I dunno… I’ll do some research on it, I believe it has big supporters behind it. I already read awhile ago a little bit about it…

Yeah it has to be promo then…

It’s better then the spamming I’m used to

Yes, your address is public.
It’s just not tied to your identity.

Just found the same address on my multi-bit wallet.


Basically looks like they doing it to advertise to people who have previously invested on koinify . Did you invest in Gems? or something else off koinify in the past few months