Why are the fees on hitBTC

Anyone know why the fees are so high on HitBTC. Very worrying if this is the case.

Btc fees are bad enough to move maid around but this is crazy.

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Wow, that is high. I thought the 10 maid was too high on other exchanges

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Actually a negative been listed on hitBTC if this is the case.


On the hitbtc, on the contrary, a small commission, comparing with other exchanges. The main thing is to use it wisely I think.

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It is more reasonable to use several exchanges. In my experience, this exchange is one of the lowest fees, but not in all cases.

I exclusively use Polo, because of the Only 10 Maidcoin fee.
All the others are way to high for the small amounts I deal with.

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I agree with others. You need to use large amounts at a time, then it will be profitable!

Hitbtc is a very good crypto-birge. I can give you a lot of plusses, but here’s the best: low trading fees and a larger number of currencies. I recommend.

So what is the fee for withdrawing Maidsafecoin? Since this is the SAFE forum we are interested only in maidsafecoin fees


Well, the fee for withdrawing MAID is still 217 but I do not consider this sum as ‘high’. Moreover, I’m not fond of withdrawals…money should work too.