Why "4.3 billion" SafeCoins?


I agree that 2^512 is the following:

  • a very clean & simple exponential #
  • has to do with computers (512kb, etc) and
  • relatively close to the number of humans soon to be connected online

But why use 4.3 billion?

I remember hearing @dirvine saying the ideal situation was like “1 coin per person” so it’s all fair and equal, but there will be over 5 billion ppl online around 2020 and more then that afterwards.

Also the UN estimates that there will be around 11 billion people at peak, and stay pretty steady around that amount before declining gradually (all just guesses though).

I’d make it 11 billion SafeCoin, if it was me.

But I was wondering what the reason for 4.3 was?

Freedom, privacy!


2^32 It was seen as enough never to split it into decimals as fractions are a PITA for people to work with. It can be split but I hope it never is.


Oh yeah, 2^32. That’s right.

Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Let’s just wait and see!