Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

@SarahP mentioned during Devcon18 that the numbers on the Dev forum weren’t great. Takes nothing away from what I witnessed on the stream…great info and a sense that the objectives are in clear sight.

Like David said, Bitcoin was good for this project…and the challenge now for the Marketing team is to harness that crypto enthusiasm.

Frustrating to know, you have the best solution and a pool of enthusiastic talent working in a parallel universe (blockchain).

I’m starting to think it has to come from the technical side…a direct challenge…a hyped up battle of the transaction…Whose cuisine will reign supreme?

Put out the challenge, Maidsafe versus whoever in a challenge of technical prowess.

The objective is not to necessarily to win anything, but it stirs the technical pot and puts the tech out there in front of the nerds…Silicon Valley/ Pied Piper.,…hello we are awesome, prove us wrong.

I think the project has now turned the corner, the team is confident, why not spend a weekend in a hyped marketing pseudo challenge? Get some sponsors onboard etc…


You will need a beta product for that with all the features


Yeah you would think so.

But watching Devcon18, I saw a lot of competent people presenting complex topics in an easily digestible format that left me in no doubt where the project is at.

The project is on the home stretch.

How can you create hype for a project in a 24/7 Bernays world.

Can we as forum members (in a group effort) go onto Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and create enough buzz to make Crypto Devs notice?

Is it the Devs themselves (via a PR ‘Superdev’ spoof type campaign/ challenge) that can put the tech in front of the Crypto Tech ‘community’ ?