Who's developing Safe Network?

Ehi guys, i got one doubt!
While i was on Reddit i found a post in which somone saying that Safe Network is not developed by Maidsafe and that the original CEO has left.
Is it true? Where can i find the history of the company and the project?
Thanks for the answers

You mean this reddit thread?:

Like it says there: Maidsafe != Safex.
CEO is too big a title, I think.
How many developers are developing for Safex?

EDIT: 4 people including the CEO it seems, according to the website.


No, that’s a load of billhooks!

Here’s a paper from 2010 https://github.com/maidsafe/Whitepapers/blob/gh-pages/pdf/AutonomousNetwork.pdf


so what’s Safex? Why is different from Maidsafe?

I’m not really following Safex, but it wants to be a decentralized exchange, until roughly a year ago on the SAFE network, now on a blockchain, which is also used by Bitcoin and most of the altcoins.
Maidsafe doesn’t use blockchain however, but something different/better in a lot of ways.
But developing this takes time, which Daniel (the Safex ‘CEO’) apparently didn’t have, so he made the switch to blockchain.
And he wasn’t very friendly toward SAFE when switching over, because he managed the domain name of the previous SAFE forum an he redirected it towards the Safex forum…



Because its a different project that why. And they simply have a similar name.

Absolutely false.

The CEO of safex has never been a part of Maidsafe and people often try to say he was because they read it somewhere and those people read it somewhere and it has never been true.

Maidsafe are the developers of SAFE and always have been. And David Irvine has always been in charge of the SAFE project. SAFE was once being called “Massive Array of Internet Disks” (MAID) a long long time ago, but never called safex.

Safex was a project that was going to be built on top of the safe protocol (an APP only) and its CEO decided to go another direction. That is the only relationship there is. Many people are building APPs on the SAFE protocol and they are not a part of the SAFE development team or Maidsafe. The APPs are simply programs that people write to interface with the SAFE network.