Who needs another reason for Safe to rise?

FCC Announces Plan To Repeal Net Neutrality


I don’t think the board could be any better set for SAFE at the moment. It is the answer to so many problems.


It is scary, they want the cable TV model applied to apps and websites. A pure money grabbing exercise and parasitic tax on top of the real content creators of the internet.

SAFE can’t start soon enough… or else, look at what we could be seeing. Not only that, imagine
information that helps people personally develop, or defend themselves, educate and better themselves become more expensive to access. You can sculpt peoples access, thoughts and opinions by limiting their data. Media has lost it hold, so the next tac-tic is to make access to
‘dangerous’ information expensive, of course they will say, it’s there if you really need it.

This will go through, I think its going to happen.

My blood pressure is up. Going to fire in some more cash in to Maidsafes on this news. Need to support the currency, need to support the SAFENetwork - our future depends upon it.

USA - land of the free*

*Terms and conditions apply, only certain kinds of freedom available, contents may vary.

We need SAFENetwork versions of

WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Snapchat, all of these we need these yesterday.


"Starting immediately, we will:

"Begin researching and publishing technical articles and videos that explain how new wireless networking hardware and software works, how to use it, and how to use currently available, affordable technology to start your own small internet service provider.

"Speak to activists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, technologists, networking engineers, and politicians who have navigated the technical, legal, and political hoops required to start community-owned internet service providers. We will use those conversations to create clear instructions for how you can empower yourself to do the same.

" Begin creating a comprehensive guide to the various new technologies and methods of creating decentralized internet infrastructure, which will be released next year."


When I see things like this I fear for safe because i just can’t see these corporations and their owners letting go of the current monopoly they have over us. I believe when they do realise what safe is and the danger it poses to them (and their profits) they will have no choice but to try and stop it at all costs. Really hope the network launches before they can stop it.


Another reason we need SAFE!



Internet 1.0 will die. Let’s think about this rationally. For $100 - $200 per month you can easily start buying routers and RPIs. Add a bit of cabling and you start BUILDING a new internet backbone. So for the price of buying their cable model psudo internet we could in fact build another internet from scratch even without SAFE. With SAFE it would happen even faster. I just want to put this all in perspective for you all. Internet limited to a few dozen websites is NOT internet. It’s no where near it. Frankly I don’t know how Android gets away with being called linux. It’s like Linux’s based mutant corporate lovechild. But no way would paying for a few websites be internet. You’d get a better price point but setting up a local intranet and mesh network than you would by connecting to such a limited internet.