Who is using HitBTC?


Is anybody in here using HitBTC on regular basis? If we look at the average volume on coinmarketcap, we will get crazy numbers… It says this small exchange HitBTC has more than 1/3 of all trades with MAID. I think its all prefabricated, no real trades between two different people.

Pool: Who uses HitBTC? Please also say who is not.


I used HitBTC twice.

The first time it was when I was doing arbitrage on AEON and formally earned 200% in 60 minutes and than I wasn’t able to withdraw for a few weeks. They solved it technically (or allowed it) on the end.

The second time it was not long ago when I just wanted to test them with the same account. I deposited there some DOGE, traded them for MAID and withdraw MAID immediately. It was successful and there was only a small delay of few days. The fee was 5 MAID.


I just used it to nab ~1000 USD worth… which was like 1200 coin and they charged me 217 coin to withdrawl. So basically I won’t be using them again


Took 3 hours to withdraw Bitcoin Gold. Most wallets are not working. The ones that are working the withdrawal fee is way to high.


I never used them or really heard of any actual person using them


On 4 exchanges and never used it. Might be my next exchange though


Used HitBTC once for SONM, which they wouldn’t let me withdraw, so had to convert to ETH (which they also wouldn’t let me withdraw) so then had to convert to BTC. I recommend avoiding at all costs. Word on the street is their MAID volume is false.


Thanks for the heads up, I am on Bittrex, Binance, Bitfinex (small holding because of rumours), and Cryptopia. Heard awful things about Poloniex so not sure where will expand next. I don’t trade my Maid from the ICO but had a play with tiny amounts of newly acquired maid on Bittrex


Sounds like you need a secure BTC address for hodling, instead of looking for more exchanges

Lots of good tutorials for that by searching this forum


Thank you very much for your answers! Please continue reporting you experience - we need more opinions to create the complete picture of HitBTC credit.

If we collected enough negative experience of trustworthy users of this forum and we were sure that HitBTC is a scam, I would recommend to remove it from maidsafe.net.

While knowing it is impossible to forbid it, maybe it would be better to leave their logo on maidsafe.net websites and put there something similar to the printscreen.

The second step is to ask again the coinmarketcap.com not to count the HitBTC part into MAID volume and price… Even better would be complete removal of HitBTC from coinmarketcap.com, but I really doubt its possible.


Just got an e-mail saying I signed up with them.
I didn’t signed up with them.


Appreciate the passion but that screeny is pretty radical and would probably result in a lawsuit against maidsafe were they to put it on their site…

edit: it could also be maladmin? May be it might be worth reaching out to them and pointing this out so they can look into it?


Lawsuit from scammers? If they scamed only one person, they are scamers and it is just spreading the word. At the same time I am sure they already scamed a few thousand people.


i use Polo. I considered HitBTC but like @lubinew it seems dodgy to me that they have so much volume. I also dont like the fact their about page says nothing about them personally or where they are located.

Advertised on the new site…hmmmm I wonder if someone from MS can comment.