Who is too wealthy?

I thought one of the aims of the SAFENetwork was to reduce the influence of these parasites?

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The aim of the Safe-network should be to make an internet infrastructure open and accessible to everyone.


Please be specific. Are MAID investors parasites now?


ANY big investor is - it now seems to be the consensus that the price is being manipulated by the parasites with the big bags.

Opinions will of course vary.

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They certainly will. To most people in the world you are a Big investor, and just owning a computer makes you bourgeois. My advise to you is: Think more. Stick to the truth. Provoke less.


I am under NO illusions that I am more fortunate than 90% of the world. That in no way should make me want to stop critiquing the 1%.
In fact as one of the more fortunate ones I regard it as my DUTY to the other 90% to try to even things up and prevent the greed of the 1% from grabbing even more power and resources.

Argue all you like about these percentag figures I used there, the essential truth remains and I challenge anyone to refute it.
PS Quoting some Austrian economist or their acolytes refutes the square root of eff-all.

O/T Once again I have to hand it to the Austrians, the nation that convinced the world that Hitler was German and Mozart was Austrian. Oh and the torte…


Why not critique the top 10% that you are part of instead of the 1% you aren’t part of, or better yet do things to help poorer people yourself?

Perhaps if you become part of the 1% it would be the dastardly 0.1% you would rail against, while enjoying your own privilege. Much like that BLM woman who touts herself as a ‘trained marxist’ while owning multiple million dollar properties.


I do plenty - what do YOU do?
Perhaps YOU are enjoying your own privilege too much while desperately casting around to find an isolated grifter to justify your own inaction and greed?
As always - the ONLY response is “whattaboutery”. Never any valid justification of your power and privilege.

PS oh and how DARE a black person own multiple million dollar properties? Theres a distinct whiff of “That’s reserved for us God-fearing white folks” about your attitude.


Let’s keep it friendly folks <3 We’re still the #1 community when it comes to loving one another. Don’t let them take it away from us.


Firstly, although your command of English is impressive, I need to remind myslf it is your second or third, maybe even fourth language - so run all that follows through that filter

The serious guys - do you mean those who have the big money to chuck around. Cos I am every bit as serious about MAID and the project in general as they are. Like most on here, probably a damn sight MORE serious about the project.
I get the distinct feeling that it is only another earning opportunity for the whales and the parasites who employ @SwissPrivateBanker and that their interest (the employers, lets be VERY clear here) have next to zero interest in anything about this project other than its ability for them to further concentrate their wealth.

@Southside Lucky I am financially free and not anyone’s slave.

Food for thought:

If the price of Bitcoin were to reach $200,000, half of the world’s billionaires would be crypto billionaires.

This crypto wealth has vast potential to reshape philanthropy

Some people like me are not just in this market to profit, but also because it fits with their libertarian mindset, and because there is more to money than money itself


I have always got that impression from you personally. My argument is with those you work for/with not you.
I feel that Switzerland and its banks - prior to the advent of Cryptos - were indirectly responsible for much of the suffering in the world as (just one example) the place where dictators would stash the wealth stolen from their peoples - Dictators on the left AND right, before anyone starts. I’d have been VERY happy to have been part of Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu’ fiiring squad just as much as I’d have loved to put a noose around Pinochet’s neck.

But let’s take it a little further - Sod philanthropy, sod philanthropers. Why should there be any need for philanthropy? Why should anyone be in a position to be a philanthroper? Show me a philanthroper and I will show you an inefficient taxation system.
Why should there be any need for charity? Both imply a breakdown and a failure of society. And a failure of society means in almost every case a failure of capitalism.

But dont take it personal :slight_smile:

Because a workable society should always have some way to reward its most prodigious contributors. In turn, those overly rewarded ones should have some way to contribute to the lot.

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“To each according to their needs, from each according to their means”

I think it was Nye Bevan, @happybeing might know

“He ain’t heavy, he’s my brotherrrrr”.

Indeed - but those who are in a position to commit philanthropy are very rarely those who have contributed the most. Exactly the opposite in the vast majority of cases.

I guess it depends on who is measuring the contribution and how it is measured. A number of the most prolific philanthropists in today’s world have made quite a mark with their achievements in various fields.

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I don’t deny any of that. My argument is mainly with the potential philanthropers.

Remind me again, just how much has Bill Gates really contributed? Bezos? Zuckerburg? the Winklevosses?
I’d argue the REAL contributors in that field were more folk like Shannon, Turing, Hopper, Ritchie, Knuth, Torvalds, Shockley, Tannenbaum, Moore, in no particular order and missing out many who deserve to stand beside them,

Personally, I think you’re giving some of those folks short-shrift.

Who - and in what way?

I’m cooking right now - no trying to be aggressively curt :slight_smile: