Who is the girl narrating at maidsafe videos?

I could marry that voice, hahaha
Sounds like BMO from Adventure Time!

That is @Shona Superstar

Me or @whiteoutmashups are gonna marry that voice first, so you have to wait in line unless:
Shona’s donates her voice, so that it becomes like (Siri/Cortana). Maybe in the future, we can all pay Shona a fee and marry her voice.

I’m also planning to marry Stephanie Murphy her voice


Well you can’t have both so I get Shona


I’m just reading about a voice break up @ the Simpsons.

@whiteoutmashups even if you marry with Shona’s voice, I will still hear her voice inside my head, so take that!

Voice over

Lol OK I think I’ll bow out here :stuck_out_tongue:

In respect to a very important developer here.

We all value and support you Mrs @Shona !

Sorry for the jokes :stuck_out_tongue: