Who fancies learning to help SAFE Network?

I’m guessing there will be people who normally don’t have the time to get to grips with SAFE, but who will not be working for significant periods over the coming months.

For example the whole of the UK just went into a three week lockdown. Most here have been told to stay at home. I’m sure that this will be more than a few weeks, and is sure to happen in many more places for periods of months.

So, if you’ve been itching to find time to get to grips with SAFE, let each other know on this topic.

Ask for help, or ideas of what to do, or suggest projects you’d like to gather people around to work on together.

Personally I’m taking a break from SAFE to work on visualisation, although that could well end up being a SAFE app eventually. But I’m still around and happy to help anyone who needs a bit of help, and I know others will help out too.

What’s happening is terrible, and we’ll likely have to support each other through some difficulties where we can. Doing something together is one way to help with that, and an opportunity to learn and to be creative. Let’s go!


I’m taking a wee break from fighting with sed in scripts to watch The SAFE Network from First Principles series. Although produced a good 6 years ago, the key principles remain unaltered.