WhiteOut Guerilla Marketing

I’m making this thread to show off some of the many things my marketing teams are doing for MaidSafe.

We make videos, images, banners, and I just hired a social media marketing group to help with the global MaidSafe pods I’ve been setting up. We also regularly contact exchanges to try and help MAID recover.

I’ll fill this thread with our newest creations as they happen :slight_smile:

If you want to support these guerrilla efforts we have a donation address here that directly funds these MaidSafe Marketing & expansion efforts:



BCH: 1DVeyYnJnAmvtsS3a1J9fhxbK6B4WFD8AJ

LTC: LVAjBhdfkncUTvnvaYZiYP8HnSwMDhFzhc


February Updates

I’ve put many more people on this so that they can look nicer and come out faster in the future





Videos made by our teams:

And we’re half way through a new video showing everything that happened in SAFE this month. I can upload a clip later if anyone is interested in the current progress


Great to see this effort Will. I’m wondering why you are using MaidSafe’s name all over these, I would have expected it to say SAFE Network.


Agreed, @whiteoutmashups I would personally be more inclined to share these if it used SafeNetwork instead of Maidsafe.


Thanks @whiteoutmashups.

The final weekly update graphic seems to be able to time travel and predicts until 15th March :wink:

Would be nice to have these branded SAFE Network too to showcase that they are community made!


Hey @whiteoutmashups - good efforts! Just a couple of things: can we move everything to SafeNetwork branding please? Sorry, know that’s a hassle - but we really need to be unified in pushing the Network rather than the company going forwards

[edit: just seen other comments!]


Because that’s the project that I’m advertising.

But OK I’ll put safe network.

Just never really thought anyone recognized that, Just like with my input into the reddit debate :anger:

But I guess each person has their own opinions and experiences. Also some of these were made in January


Thank you for changing that.
The project is SAFE Network, isn’t it? The company is Maidsafe.


The brand that the public has actually heard of is MaidSafe, still undecided on how to best achieve effective outreach,

But I guess this could keep going around in circles for years like it already has lol. With differing opinions. Has been talked to death from both sides in many threads on here

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What has changed is that there is now a concerted marketing and branding effort and there has been a conscious decision to use SAFE Network as the primary brand to differentiate it from MaidSafe the company. At this stage consistency is really important otherwise people will get confused.


Thanks for the like @whiteoutmashups ! I don’t want to put you off or stop you doing all the great stuff you’re doing.:slightly_smiling_face:


--------nevermind, the numbers don’t lie. So this can’t happen, apologies. See below.


Brilliant, thanks @whiteoutmashups!


Any classic business school brand transition method would resolve the problem. I had to study a classic tomato sauce case that got bought by Unilever. Like Gilette or Windex, the company name becomes synonymous with the product. Phase out the old term while phasing in the new one. While shown together on the product labels, the old names and symbols got smaller while the new ones got larger over time, eventually to replace them altogether. The hard break is usually not a successful strategy. Granted, this is a new project, but I think even veterans in the cryptospace recognize Maidsafe but not SAFE Network.

Maidsafe’s SAFE Network
SAFE Network by Maidsafe
SAFE Network


What about on these?

“This Week in MaidSafe”

because they come straight from the MaidSafe company development updates, primarily.

What do you all want on there, to best express it?


I really like these. They’re even good for me, even after having read the update, because this isolates the key stuff from amongst a lot of the stuff that loses me. :blush:


They do look great, getting better and better, but the branding is all Maidsafe and that’s unhelpful IMO so I won’t share them. Sorry.

Unless we pull together and promote SAFE Network this confusion will not just continue but grow.

The community and Maidsafe had a big debate about this years ago now, and we agreed to call the project and the product SAFE Network. I think we were weak in following through on that - we could have done with some brand messaging Nazis, but we didn’t, and that’s why we haven’t made a better job of the switch, and why there are still lots of people saying Maidsafe when they mean SAFE Network.

That’s our fault not their’s, and unless we agree to drop that and go with Maidsafe it’s up to us to fix it by focusing on SAFE Network and using Maidsafe only where we mean the company.

We might well do better to talk of the SAFEnetwork development team too.

For example, when I tweet out the weekly dev update I use “#SAFEnetwork Weekly Dev Update” rather than Maidsafe, while even Maidsafe still use “Maidsafe Weekly Dev Update” (slaps @dugcampbell with wet fish) and I think that’s a mistake.

While it is true that Maidsafe are doing this development, it undermines the SAFEnetwork brand, and does not reflect Maidsafe 's ambition to truly decentralised development.

I’m not putting myself forward for the brand messaging Nazi role, despite my CV :wink:, but I think it will help the project if we get more assertive around this - it is something that was agreed years ago and has recently been reaffirmed, so let’s do it, and where we see each other going off message, can we agree it’s OK to point that out?

It is clear that I’m not the only one reluctant to tweet & share things that lack this conherence with Maidsafe and the SAFEnetwork community brand strategy, so I think these brilliantly executed graphics from @whiteoutmashups and his team would be even more effective if they became focused around promoting the SAFEnetwork brand, even though for now less people realise that is what Maidsafe are building, so I hope very much they will. By all means have a subtle “being built by Maidsafe” or similar, but at the bottom, not front and centre, and not in a way that diminishes the focus on “SAFE Network”.

Any material promoting SAFE Network that doesn’t make it unmistakable that it’s about SAFE Network is missing the point of marketing a brand.

TLDR; Will, yes please take Maidsafe off even this graphic (or drop it into a footer) and put SAFE Network boldly across the top and at other points in the text, using a font and colours that cause the reader to pick those two words out as they scan the graphic. Just my opinion mate, I know we both want the same thing :slight_smile:


Well having to kinda fire the guerrilla video team at least for now :disappointed_relieved:

A total of $0 was donated by this community for all these efforts, so this final February update video will be made and then the MaidSafe guerrilla video marketing task force is dead :skull_and_crossbones:

Thought this could pay for itself but looks like not even 10¢ is available in this community for videos so I’ve kinda officially decided either way.

With approx 300 views this is kind of a personal slap in the face, so that’s that then :stuck_out_tongue:

Tough times. Need to push forward with everything else instead. Overloaded anyway

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And actually, I don’t even know why I asked about the images, I guess I forgot that they are commissioned by MaidSafe Asia anyway. They actually pay

So they need to say MaidSafe, since I make them for them specifically. They pay

Can I close this thread? Well, regardless, I’ll just keep using the MS Asia thread for future image updates anyway, like before