Which SAFE Website Project should I work on?

The latest SAFE browsers (Peruse v0.4.1 and SAFE Browser v0.9.0) support ArrayBuffers, this means I can resume development on the SAFE Network. As mentioned in Joseph’s Safe Websites Project I will be working under the Community Engagement Program v0.4. This means that the selected project here will be made into a CEP Proposal, which will then be voted on later when MaidSafe create a new CEP poll.

Here is a brief overview of the projects:

  • SAFE File Manager: upload, view and edit files in browser, publish websites with Listy and Vidy integration.

  • Vidy 2.0*: An overhauled version of Vidy with comments, thumbnails, users, subscriptions and possibly basic search.

  • SAFE Email: Support for markdown, files and having a re: section (a topic instead of separate replies) where you view a discussion and maybe encryption (still new territory).

*Vidy and Vidy 2.0 would be separate, as Vidy 2.0 requires more complex code which means it is less accessible to new developers compared with the current Vidy which still shows a lot of useful features.

  • SAFE File Manager
  • Vidy 2.0
  • SAFE Email

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Please post and share this around to generate support.


I voted for Vidy 2.0 because of everything going on with Youtube and them cutting out the smaller content creators from getting any cut of the ad revenue. It’s upsetting a lot of them and if they could jump to a new platform I think a lot of them would.

Adoption is key to the success of the SAFE Network. :slight_smile:


I voted for email for the reasons @jlpell mentioned here


I understand what you are saying but I’m thinking overall in the grand scheme of things what would get more people to use the SAFE Network. A fully functional email program or being able to watch the videos of their favorite content providers that no longer use Youtube?

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I voted for email, since there is already a Vidy 1.0. It is true that Vidy 2.0 might get the masses more excited and boost the project publicity, but a nice user friendly email system is more fundamental to instilling the idea that SAFE can serve as a complete web replacement. It might not take very much to go from email 0.1 to email 1.0, (an inbox, outbox, sent, drafts, maybe some important/urgent/spam flags, autosaving… nested replies would be huge…) then go full speed a head on Vidy 2. After Vidy 2, then maybe email 2, tick tock etc.

The other reason is that once FUSE mounting the “safe-drive” to the local system is in place, a browser/peruse/javascript based “File Manager” won’t really be necessary…


I think Vidy is cool but what if we tweak that idea into a SAFENetwork SAFEflix ? Content uploaded by the community, categorized into sections, and upvote functionality so the best content loads first. Netflix be scurred then :slight_smile: .


Vidy, vidy, vidy, vidy!!!


If nobody is using the SAFE Network it doesn’t matter how nice the email client is when you don’t have anybody to send messages to.

I’ll smash the broken record after this response. :wink:


To be fair though it could be handy to access all you SAFE files from different devices that support the SAFE Browsers and I expect other developers could find the code handy.

Although it would be very interesting to see how well the network would perform in streaming large videos, I am not too sure if this stage of the network could handle it seamlessly which might put people off if they want to watch a video and it just keeps buffering, that being said if early tests of video latency were promising I would continue increasing the video’s size limit.

I was thinking about how you would go about implementing a like/upvote system on the SAFE Network and it seems to be surprisingly tricky to me compared to other things like a website account or subscribers, so it might make sense for the home page of vidy 2.0 to just contain something like latest videos.

While true, the nicer the email client is the more people might use it to send messages to each other especially if it worked nicely with other SAFE websites.


Yes, true, easier to setup for desktop until automounting is ready, and easier to use for mobile users and use on public computers (would someone really ever trust a public computer for SAFE access?). But in the short term you could get by in a “web centric” way via emailing yourself an attachment. (oops, I forgot about easy attachments in the email feature request!) Not ideal but workable.

True again ( especially for me :wink:). Demoy gives plenty of hints about using the safe libs though. Thank you! :grin:

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Voted for email since it is has the biggest added value. If I want I can watch basically any movie on the web and people who do that don’t care for security. However if I am a journalist who seeks to security communicate with ease Id happily look into Safe mail.


I tend to agree as the network stands now it probably would face major problem. The important thing is to just get your side of the code as ready as possible for when the time comes. The SAFE network not only is providing us with a second chance for a more secure internet but also a very lucrative opportunity to being first to market. If you are looking to partner in on a project and financial funding for milestones + I can dev if its fairly trivial (again I have not read enough documentation to evaluate it), but only two projects I would be interested in making. 1 Being the community Netflix idea, and the other being a decentralized crypto exchange running on safe network where we just get like a small homage fee paid in safecoin for the transactions haha. If you wanna tackle those hit me up sometime :slight_smile: .


I’ll try and make sure the whichever website wins is released as soon as possible if it wins MaidSafe’s CEP poll and already have a very good idea of the code required in each of the projects.

Thank you for the offer, but for now I don’t need any funding and plan to use MaidSafe’s CEP for monetisation of the projects. Though it would be very helpful if you could spread news of this topic around to increase the amount of votes.

I was looking into that myself but I am making no plans if any until the test Safecoin is released first as I think the likelihood of it failing at this stage could be high, especially since there is no Safecoin API to play with yet (and considering other attempts).


Update on the polls: I plan to close the polls on Monday 19th February. However if there is much of an increase in the amount of people voting from here till then I’ll push it back to Tuesday to give people more time to vote. Please share this around till then so no misses out on voting. I’ll be putting up the CEP for the winning project shortly after the polls are closed.

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Update: The polls are now closed, Vidy 2.0 has won with an overwhelming majority of 53%. I misunderstood a bit of the CEP process, before I can submit a proposal there first needs to be an idea which is a potential request for a proposal, then if that gets enough votes I can then submit proposal in response to that idea/RFP. The idea/potential RFP will be up shortly so please vote.

Edit: I put the topic CEP Idea: A YouTube-like website on the SAFE Network up though it is just a draft and may need to be changed later.