Which of these 3 memes is best?

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Here is the first one:



OK here is the 2nd one:



Finally, here is the 3rd one.


Those might be better with a premise: “Everything is OK. There is no need for the Safe Network.”?

There’s a risk with this kind that you’re mocking the person your are trying to encourage, looking to leverage what they do not understand.

Given the level of problems and stupid in the world, there’s some mileage in these - noting the absurdity: ~“In a world where the Government has your back, there is no need for the Safe Network”. Parody the true true that comes from establishment proper think??

Still, I prefer positive messages that alert people to something new but perhaps that’s less meme like.


None of the above. In what context might they be used? What is it you think they are supposed to mean? To what audience? The third one is truly awful, the others are simply ineffective.

Your opinion is important, David. I know you give me positive feedback too when you like what I post, and I appreciate it. Most of what I post is positive but I am not afraid to take risks. I have a wide variety of stuff. You never know what is going to work or why. Even marketing experts are surprised all the time. There are many popular things out there that I think are totally ridiculous. :racehorse:



Yes, I get that, which is why I replied… part of memes is of the moment and a surprise to everyone, what works and what does not.

It’s impressive the variety you spawn and important as what appeals to one audience will not be the same as another.



The third one makes the most sense to me because of the saying “don’t bury your head in the sand” or something like that. Roughly meaning you are choosing not to acknowledge the reality in front of you.


I like all of these images I think they are powerful. I have seen them used for many different situations and contexts. :racehorse:

Is there any other phrasing to promote SAFE Network with these images? I am always open to new ideas. :racehorse:

Your phrasing doesn’t make any sense to me.

The sheep image is the best, needs something like:
“Don’t be naive, be SAFE.”

Or maybe something like : “Stop being sheepish, get SAFE.”


When I first spoke of Safe, so many moons ago I used to get “I don’t do anything wrong, why would I need this plus I have nothing to hide”.

Always made me feel like saying (in a Dirty Harry voice) "So punk, do you feel safe, well do ye?

  • did I record you out of context,
  • did I video you naked,
  • did I hear your deepest held secrets,
  • did I publish them?

So go ahead make their day".

However, I found that the most effective way to get the point across was this:

“Ok you have nothing to fear and if you feel that way, then it’s your prerogative. So how do you feel about your children being tracked and recorded at will?

That seemed to conclude the point and show that this was more serious than I have nothing to hide as folk care for children and want to protect them. So the conversation changes from “I am all right Jack” to oh hang on you cannot do that, it will destroy kids’ lifes.


It’s more like, why even bother about stalking then? Why not walk around naked.

I seriously despise the approach of “I’ve got nothing to hide, thus I don’t care if I’m being spied on.”

Not only it legitimizes spying as OK when you’ve got nothing to hide, which it’s not, if only because it makes zero sense then, but it also supports the narrative that it’s bad or suspect to have something to hide. Why would it be inappropriate to have something to hide? Why would it be inappropriate to have the ability to decide what to share or whom to share it with?


Everyone has enemies, and often the righteous people have MORE enemies. Jesus had enemies, Socrates had enemies, Martin Luther King had enemies. You get the point.

If you don’t have privacy, your enemies will destroy you, whether you are doing something wrong, or not. Having privacy is just like having other forms of protection like locks on your doors.

Some people really do have nothing to hide. Some people have nothing to steal. Some people have nothing to say. That’s all totally OK. But the people who do have something to hide, something to steal or something to say need to be free, otherwise no one will be free. Freedom has to be for everyone. If only some people are free, we have a slave society with the free people as the slavemasters.