Which browser are you using?

I am trying to use a browser with gives me privacy and is not tracking me, looking around I realized it is really difficult to get a decent browser even when trying Firefox I realized this browser is already infiltrated by big companies and google. Which browser is a good privacy browser until the save browser is a real alternative ?


Have you tried Brave? It’s pretty good IMHO.


It really depends on what you are willing to sacrifice for improved safety.

Browsers based on Chrome - including Brave - are easier than Firefox-based ones to track. See e.g. the browser section at https://restoreprivacy.com/privacy-tools/

Safest options all involve turning off Javascript, which renders quite a few websites useless. Probably the most safe (depending on how you define that term) is to use Tor Browser on the Tails operating system.

Personally I don’t aim for the least possible fingerprinting. I use Firefox on the Debian operating system, with these plugins: NoScript, CookieAutodelete, uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, Skip Redirect, Open Referer Control.


Thanks for this info, ( I use Firefox on the Debian operating system, with these plugins: NoScript, CookieAutodelete, uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, HTTPS Everywhere, Skip Redirect, Open Referer Control.) this is very useful and actually sad that one need to turn into such drastic measurements just to have some privacy. On the other hand side how sad that Mozilla Firefox is clearly getting the number one anti privacy browser available.

I don’t think Firefox is bad actually. As far as I understand it Mozilla’s arrangements with Google are pretty minor and they don’t share data with them.

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I would express it totally opposite:

It is cool that one need no drastic measures (like unplugging or hiring a programmer) to maintain privacy. And it is cool that even some of the big corporations - e.g. Mozilla - develop code usable as basis for arguably the number one privacy browsr available - Tor Browser Bundle.


It is cool if you are a programmer like you but for the normal individual who hardly knows his operation system like my parents it is rather uncool. But anyway this is probably the reason we are chatting here on this platform an alternative to the existing products.

For the record I am not a programmer but more of a tinkerer: I cannot write code but have had the curiosity and patience to learn how to change bits and pieces to existing code.

My point is that Mozilla Firefox is not bad. It is flexible, either installed as-is by tuning some of its many many knobs and using addon plugins, or alternatively by picking some browser under another name but really just a slight adaptation of Mozilla Firefox.

I mention the exact addons I use myself, in case you or others reading this thread feel inspired to try go a similar route (which requires zero programming but indeed do need a tiny bit of patience).

I also mention one concrete derived browser - Tor Browser Bundle - in case you want the strictest of privacy and have zero patience.

I also acknowledge that ultimate privacy protection may disappoint you. But if so, then I dare say that it is wrong to blame Mozilla Corp for that disappointment: They offer you one tool and one default way to work with it - they never promised you Nirvana.


this is true it was my own fault using software and thinking because they advertise it as an: Mozilla Firefox (or simply Firefox) is a free and open-source[21] web browser, it doesn’t track ones online activity etc.

Right, that is a common fallacy:

Libre licensing of software is an ethical quality, but not all libre licensed software has purely ethical qualities.

Licensing is only one part of the puzzle.