Where to get images from? (News Websites)

Someone knows where news websites like Coindesk, Cointelegraph…get there images for their articles? They have stuff for making their own images? And what about small news websites where do they get their images from? Maybe someone has insight in this business.

They seem to use some sort graphics filter to make cartoon images from real photos to avoid breaking copyright no doubt. It’s a grey area though as some licences state you cannot modify images for republishing, but since Coindesk etc are fairly small in the grand scheme of things they can probably get away with it in a way that a large publisher would not. Other sources of photos include creative commons (search on Google images | tools | usage rights) or Flickr. Then there are sites like unsplash.com which hosts users’ photos. Finally there are stock photo libraries like iStock - but you have to pay for those.


Thanks for the reply I will have a look at it! :sunglasses:

I just googled it. Just illustrators it seems (in the case of Cointelegraph):

So no deep learning style transfer like deepart.io.

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That surprises me - illustrators are expensive. Good to hear there’s still room for traditional artistic skills though.

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