Where to find Co-founders, App devs, for new app ideas?

I checked all topics in Apps category but didn’t find any place where one can find co-founders to work with or share new ideas with App devs. Lets say one has an idea about a killer app and needs to find devs … where to look for ?
Any sugestions ?

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Post details here: outline your proposal, what you need, what you have to offer…


Yeah, this would be the place with the best exposure

A few months ago I asked if we shouldn’t setup a subreddit named “safenetworkers”. Basically where you can [HIRE], [FOR HIRE] and [CO-FOUNDERS NEEDED]. It would be like https://www.reddit.com/r/Jobs4bitcoins.

Important in sucha case is that it’s also included as related community


We’ve setup reddit.com/r/safenetworkers for anyone who wants to join as mod please do.

Devs can look for a job
Users can offer a job

This is experimental so everyone who has new ideas how to bring SAFE Network devs and customers together is welcome.

I’ve been looking for devs to code up my ideas for ages and right now there isn’t really a place to make a post and get some one to do it until now… :stuck_out_tongue:


We’re also discussing this with the moderators so hope we can offer this on the forum soon :slight_smile:


Good to read, if you like you guys could join/takeover safenetworkers @reddit

If we could do it like this:

Monthly hackathons/jobs and everything SAFE Network related to getting the job done. Tutorials would also be good and helpful.

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The reason for doing it on the forum would be to keep everything in one place as long as we’re not a huge community. Everybody that sees him- or herself as a community member is here so for now it’s the best solution in my opinion.

Something like your link or the subreddit is a good idea of course, but a few months too early I’m afraid.

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I’ve been a dev here in Houston for a few years, always looking for new projects. been following the SAFE for a while and hope it comes to fruition.

I’d be interested in making some scripts or programs in exchange for MAIDSAFEcoin after I finish it. Anyone can message

Might need a few days to finish though, depends on the project


Is there a post or thread for this type of work?

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I don’t think so yet, maybe try that reddit link he gave earlier

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