Where do you see maidsafe in three years from now?

Was just looking at this old thread, I gotta say, good call.

Nah, they went to Ayr and now they are everywhere :slight_smile:

Network following soon.


Three years already… Kinda depressing!


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This thread did not age well.

How so? Extra sentence

There were many upbeat expectations on this thread which alas have floundered in reality, so far at least.

Well, if you just want to be negative and troll you’ll meet the same fate as gouda.

I am not trolling, am I not allowed to lament?
I am still onboard with this, still holding, still hopeful but calling it like it is right now.

Well, I see the great progress that has been made, how we are finally nearing the conclusion to our journey to launch, and appreciate the hard work and toil that has got us this far.
To each their own, if you want to lament , that’s all on you.

I was lamenting too - and a fat lot of use it did me or anyone else. So if you believe in the project, do what you can to help.
Try running your own little baby-fleming network at home. We’re working on various scripts to make that easier for folks. Linux for now but I am sure there will be windows versions along soon. If thats not for you have a look at the marketing threads and see what you can contribute there.
Post Covid crisis, could you do something as simple as co-ordinating a MeetUp in your local area? Find your local online geek group and start spreading the SAFE word. Lots you could help with. Above all, stay positive, negativity is detrimental to your health :slight_smile:


I agree with you, kind of wary of promoting this too much at this stage of uncertainty though especially with the wider economic uncertainties.


There are many economic uncertainties, I myself can see no work for a very long time. The SAFE network may provide a small income for folk and possibly a good income if it achieves good penetration. With all the crackdowns “they” will try and impose on us “for your own protection” then such a network becomes more vital than ever.
Don’t moan, help us get it done.


I know we evidently have our disagreements about the environment but I am sorry to hear that you are in a bad position. Please understand that my misgivings on the other topic are due exactly to the concern that we both share about this open air fascism now being exhibited.


Thank you, stay well and protect your family and friends.

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:heart: Aawh! Group hug! :hugs: (Virtual for the time being. :mask:) I like that. :slight_smile: