Where do you read your news?

Hi all,

For a forum that believes in Security, Privacy, and Freedom where does everyone read their news?



Good idea for a topic. I’d like to see where other people get their news and updates. It’s much harder to find good sources than bad. :disappointed:

A lot of it depends what you mean by ‘news’ though I guess.

The constant stream of updates that’s filtered into a mainstream message is probably what most people understand by the word ‘news’.

Personally, I’m not really into that kind of news and I find it too exhausting to hear all the corruption and stupidity that’s blurted out all day on the man’s megaphone.

You can’t avoid news completely, but I guess I restrict it to scanning my twitter feed a few times a day.

I’m very interested in what’s happening in the world though. I spend most of the day reading stuff online, but it would all be specific sources for specific kinds of information, rather than trusted sources for a broad spectrum of information.

So, if I want to learn more about what’s happening with foreign affairs I’m more likely to go watch someone like John Pilger. If I want to know what’s happening with cool new developments in the world I’m more likely to watch some TED talks, or check ‘science alert’ or something. I don’t have any one-stop-shop for trusted information really. I’m not sure I want one. I like my fractured, decentralised, online existence. I live in the sticks, I don’t have a tv or a phone. I look up the things I want to know when I want to know them and I’m generally interested in ‘cool stuff’. The internet has opened the door to finding all the coolest stuff that’s happening in the world, even though very little of it makes it into what most think of as ‘the news’. I just love reading about any amazing things happening in the world. I like to feel excited and inspired, so I try to search out the latest exciting and inspiring stuff. That’s my version of the news. :yum:

Oh, I do download Gogglebox when it’s on and watch it with the Mrs. I suppose that’s my window into the mainstream and what the country is talking about that week. :smile:

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Great reply @Jabba !

Let’s define “news” just for this topic. Because this is a forum about Security, Privacy, & Freedom we could limit “news” too:

Foreign Policy
Domestic Policy
Tech Development

That is off the top of my head and basically repeats your post @Jabba. Any more subjects to add to that list anyone?

Some of my political sources (If a subject really interests me I have a rule of thumb of finding three sources confirming information before I believe it, and even then … who knows the truth)



IDK what the big deal is, Just get all your news on FB!!!

JK JK but IDK I guess mostly reddit for me, which probably isn’t much better :stuck_out_tongue: