Where can I sell my MAIDSAFE coins? Looking for SAFE / USD buyers,

Does anyone know where I can sell my Safecoins (MaidSafe Coins) direct for USD?

Happy to trade with anyone or anywhere it is safe and secure to do so.

Just hate dealing in BTC, too much of a pain in the you know what and I want to reduce fees.

Maybe a ‘trader’ sub forum might be an idea where we can tag forum members with levels of trust based on reviews or something and this way forum member can trade with one another with at least some level of third party vouching for members reliability and trust. Personally I always prefer dealing with individuals as it reduces fees and time.

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You could use Poloniex to sell your MAID for BTC and then use any of the online sites to sell BTC to fiat. localbitcoins.com lists buyers who can buy them direct for cash if you prefer dealing with individuals at a physical level, however I don’t know of any sites which let you skip the MAID to BTC conversion step.

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Yeah and that’s kind of what I hate about crypto is all the steps involved to get in and out of the markets, fee’s etc.

Prefer to go direct. I’ve never been scammed because I use common sense.

I used to buy Doge coins via one of their member forums directly from other members and it was easy as, I am not sure why we dont have something like that it’s super simple. At the end of the day we are a community of people with some fairly similar libertarian ideals and I feel we should work one on one (peer to peer) as often as we can without third parties getting in the way and this community forum should foster those trusting relationships by giving us the tools to enable more of this.


You could try starting a “Buy and Sell MaidSafecoin” thread, but TBH I don’t think there are enough people wanting to trade directly to make it work. Most here are holding coin to transfer to the network. Speculators are more likely to trade for BTC on exchanges.


I have a few ideas:

  1. Go to localbitcoins.com . These are the people who are already doing cash deals with bitcoin. Find 2 or 3 trusted ones and persuade them to work with maidsafecoin as well. Then promote them on this forum or on a separate website. www.localmaidsafecoin.com .
  2. Find merchants who accept bitcoin. One I can think of is www.providentmetals.com . They are already trading gold for bitcoin. I think they accept litecoin too. Persuade them to accept maidsafecoin as well.

Finally, it is very important that after the network launches, safecoin is easily tradeable for fiat and other cryptocurrencies. The liquidity of safecoin will be a critical component to its value.


Thanks, might just do that

has maidsafe converted to safecoin? has this happened? is it happening? is the safe network live yet?

nope, nope, nope :slight_smile: and another nope because of the minimum of 20 characters


Tomorrow (I think) there will be another release for testing, not sure which features to expect in the next release but we’ll first see people having vaults from home instead of everything at Maidsafe, messaging needs to be tested and implemented and probably after these things we might see testsafecoin first before having the real safecoin.

@Erik_Aronesty I see you posted this in three different topics, I deleted the other two. What gave you the impression it was done?

so when is it happening?

We do not know yet.

First Maidsafe will make test nets, then we get Vaults, and after that probably test coins and finally transfer of maidsafecoins into safecoins.

See this post: Maidsafe vs Safecoin

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@Erik_Aronesty There will be lots of notice here and on the MAIDSAFE website. Prolly a good idea to stay connected to social media and the forum. Look for “official” news here and heavily discount any guessing on anything related to safecoin and SAFE NETWORK updates.