Where can i find MAID's financial reports?

I read a post some months ago that asked how much runway MAID has and it was replied 2 months or so based on their bitcoin holdings. Its apparent they are still developing so this must not be true, where then can i get accurate and upto date information about the fiscal situtation of this project?

Pretty sure they have never fully disclosed financials and additionally I believe there was a post at some point that stated the runway was at least 2 years. Someone could correct me on that but that was my understanding.

Do they have an avenue for funding if they run out of money? Development on such a project could easily exceed more 2 years.

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Thanks, that answers my 2nd question, so we would assume they would be running out of money when they ask for another loan.

This is exactly the case. The community will fund the project as long as there is anyone working on it. Even if it takes another 10 years :dragon:


Annual reports are lodged with the UK authorities

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The financial statements are pretty clear. The ones to Feb 2020 aren’t due for a few months but Feb 2019 is on UK Companies House.

Where can i find them?

Why do you need to see them?

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Try Google, but don’t troll here, you are not welcome.

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Friend, why so aggressive towards the new member of the community? There is nothing wrong with asking questions.

@safeandsound you can find information here:

@Dimitar This one is just trolling, check his other thread.
Also note the sudden change of tone to passive/aggressive when he got sussed. He’s only here to waste our time. Chances are its an old troll back again with a new account. Anyone really wanting to learn would have approached differently.
I will be the first to try to help someone with a genuine enquiry, this is not such a case.

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You may be right, but it does not prevent us from answering him nicely even if he is a troll… For the time being, I don’t see him breaking the forum rules. So please ignore him and Mute the topic.


Maybe best we ALL mute his topics then.

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UK Companies House


May I remind us all of the flag feature. Blatant trolling doesn’t need to go ignored.

I would like to correct you. You are speculating on a proxy token not investing in the company. Of course due diligence is still necessary but don’t think you have the right to hassle the Maidsafe team or anyone else here like you are providing a large amount of capital/runway for the production of the final product by you speculating off of their being successful.