When will there be something I can install to get started?


I remember last year when it seemed plausible that MaidSafe would be ready at the first of the year. New Year’s came & went with nothing ready to launch.

Is the time drawing near that there’ll be software in a state of readiness to be installed on either Windows or Linux such that people like me can get started farming, & making use of network resources?

I watch the dev announcements (I quickly scan through them- don’t read it all) & I haven’t noticed anything about any significant rollout as of yet. Forgive me if I missed it, in which case just point me to the appropriate resource.


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Did you read this MaidSafe Dev Update :safe: 31st August 2015 ?

This was a pretty major release in my opinion.

At the end of this last Sprint remote users are supposed to have the ability to connect to a network but nothings come yet and I’m hoping for big news about it in the next Dev Update.

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That’s the problem, everything’s like ‘Just wait for the next dev update’, & it never seems ready. I can only hold out hope for so long- & it’s been forever.

To be fair though, this is rust-5 finishing, so 5 sprints from a standing start (complete code switch to rust and also Restful type API for simple as possible client app integration). Yes not light speed but pretty fast IMHO. I hope next sprint is then feature complete, but even rust-5 will be providing a decent API for app devs and again next sprint will give a gui for the launcher. The delivery will be all tier 1 systems (Win linux and OSX) via installers (signed installers for each OS). So the aim is not a linux only command line thing, but a click and run installer with sensible defaults, so as simple as possible.

We hope to emulate the mobile experience with the project, so click → install like : great, dislike : click to remove. I feel this will be critical.