When will the cash run out?

Assuming Maidsafe is not completed, how long can Maidsafe, as the company, continue before money runs out?


There is no answer for that - it’s a question of the future where there are multiple volatile variables.

From what we are hearing from the team though it seems we are only a few months away from beta. Once there they will have a lot more runway.


How can there be “no answer to that”?

So the development team will work for free when the money runs out?

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They hold tokens and sell them as needed … As the token price fluctuates (a lot) there is no way to know how much money they have in the future, only how much they have now - which only matters if it is zero.


There is validity to this question, if Maidsafe still has to finance its operations selling MAID.

Of course we dont know what other assets Maidsafe is holding. Maybe someone can shine some light on this?

it doesn’t. eMAID is trading at $0,20 - same price it was before the Bittrex issue arose.

All you (or anyone not employed by Maidsafe) needs to know is “enough, thank you”.


That would be great. Though with all respect, that answer logically has to come from Maidsafe.

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Indeed, they will put it much more nicely of course. :smile:
But the message will be the same.

Apologies, Im in a particularly foul mood tonight.


I don’t know the specific laws they are under, but such information might constitute insider information if given to a small group like the forum and not published to all holders of MAID as well as stockholders in the private company.

Generally this sort of info might be given to shareholders in a normal company, but given that there are also token holders, this makes the situation much more complicated. All the shareholders are known and can be communicated with, but the same is not true for token holders.

So I wouldn’t and we shouldn’t expect to get that info IMO.