When will I be able to allocate resources to the network?

I assume this has been addressed and I have simply overlooked it. I’m aware that there are central vaults currently for churning testing and better efficiencies.
But I was wondering when I can begin ‘farming’ and participating in SafeCoin growth. I’m currently testing alpha services but am interested in the future steps of the process’ layout

When it’s ready…

Yeh, we’re all eager, but nobody knows. We just hope it’s soon! Things are looking good after the first live community tests IMO, but what do I know! :smile:


1 step is a centralized network we have know running stable. After that step 2 will be people running Vaults at home. Step 3 will be Safecoin. But that last one will take some months. So people will run Vaults without making money on it for a number of weeks.


I was under the assumption that 2 was Coin.

I assume this year some time. We want to see it as much as you. Personally I prefer they take their time so it’s a fine balance. The best we can all do now is to help them test the network and if you have some mad skills maybe donate some time to the project bro.

depends on how you count. I see the current network as a very big step. We’ll see updates soon but another big step is people running Vaults from home IMO. although part of the same sprint.