When will companies be able to choose SAFE over Azure or AWS


Every time I read a message such as today where Mercedes chooses to move it’s big data to the cloud I wonder: when will this be on safe network…

And when it does, what will be the headline?


I wonder about the same things. The company I work for will use both Lowrawan and narrowband for its IoT and the lorawan is pretty much a a grass roots community network so that is very interesting.

I Wonder if we can work with them?


StorJ has the right approach by offering S3 compatibility out of the gate. Maidsafe needs to offer a path of least resistance for moving from existing Clould platforms. The technology can be the best in the world; without support for your junior to intermediate level developer to transition over it’s mute.


Yes, with the right incentives (money, speed, scalable, secure) and no technical blockers it should be a no-brainer for some giants to switch.
We’re all waiting for that day :wink: someday.


Why do you think Azur and AWS is not safe?