When the colapse comes SAFE will be critical

It wont be critical so much for hedging or retreating to a stable currency but for making sure the losses and social demotion stick to those people who to this day still bitch about FDR. Transparency on SAFE will do what FDR couldnt quite get done and instead of more austerity crimes these people will be identified and permanently bankrupted.

Their liquidation and loss of power will make way for a much more just and equitable future that doesnt run on promoting psychopaths. Hopefully we find a way to test and screen out toxic profiles with brain scans etc., it wont be fool proof but the practice will at least mark our continued disapproval and born and bread psychopaths will be out of power unable to complain about social justice. Their having power again will be unrealistic. If they want to participate in society they will have to become qualified by growing a soul and become more than toxic automatons, more than fake humans.

Alternatively transparency on systems like SAFE may presvent a collapse as the fear based lizards will fear creating another one knowing it would expose them quicker. But either way transparency will weed them out.

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I couldn’t agree more. Well said @Warren

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Thank you.