"when storage is bought, it will last forever" how exactly will this work?!

In the FAQ (https://safenetwork.wiki/en/FAQ) there is this paragraph:

it is anticipated that storage will be significantly cheaper than using any current solutions. It is important to note that when storage is bought, it will last forever and is not just provided on an annual basis.

As I understand this statement it means: "Pay just once for the storage and can use it forever without any other payments"
How is this supposed to work when the farmers expect to be payed regularly for providing storage?

Well, thank you for the information but the search results from both built-in search and google are useless.
I was looking for authorative answer preferably pointing to official safenetwork page/RFC.

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Maybe this is more what you are looking for - since safecoin is not implemented yet this is far from final but it’s something that illustrates the idea - the cost for storing is adapted considering the free storage capacities in the network

So the storage costs will level out at the amount that farmers estimate their costs to store that data ‘forever’

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The simple answer is that people keep creating data at an increasing rate. This makes old data relatively small and the new data constantly flowing in.