When Safecoin launches, will it have the same value as Maidsafecoin?

As an example: If the price of Maidsafecoin at the time is $10, will a Safecoin be worth $10?
Also, if the Maidsafe were to increase the total number of Safecoins in the network, wouldn’t this negatively affect all current Maidsafe holders (inflation)?


It’ll be the same as your Maidsafecoin will be sent to a location to be burned and exchange 1:1 with safecoin.


Almost all other crypto increases supply. Bitcoin, Ether, Ark, etc. They manage to go up in price despite coin inflation and the same will happen with Safecoin (there is a graph in the white paper that shows an example of how it’ll work). There is a misconception that suddenly at launch there will be 4.3bn Safecoins which is a lie our competitors like to spread (probably the ones that pour all money into marketing and not the project itself, don’t listen to them!).

Edit: I would be very surprised if Safecoin was only $10 at launch.


The 1:1 exchange opens up arbitrage opportunities between the currencies if the prices don’t match, to be exploited by traders until the markets align.

I wonder how you’d get to explot the arbitrage.

Each exchange does the following

  • stops w/d and deposits for MAID (trading continues)
  • sends the MAID in their address(es) to Maidsafe for exchange
  • Maidsafe sends SAFEcoin to the exchange
  • Exchange changes the name of MAID to SAFEcoin in the trading page
  • Exchange releases w/d & deposits for SAFEcoin and never accepts MAID again obviously

So some exchanges have MAID for one price and other exchanges have SAFE for another price.

Question how does the punter get to do arbitrage since no exchange trades both MAID and SAFEcoin at any time.


Yes in that scenario it would be difficult - I anticipate there will be some time from when the SAFE network goes live until people are confident to do the exchange to Safecoin, and during that time exchanges may offer both coins. And (some) exchanges may not want to do the swap to Safecoin on behalf of their users either.

I can almost guarantee that they will not. Its against USA regulations as well.

Exchanges will only offer one or the other, unless its a doggy exchange and then you may never get your coins out.