When next alpha and beta will be launched?

I don’t see any tentative launch date for next alpha and beta. Do we know when the team will launch the close to final/final product?


We don’t know. The best place to find out the news is in the #development category and look at the weekly dev updates

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Yea I usually check the weekly updates but unfortunately it’s too technical for me :disappointed:
It’ll be nice if the team could attach a tentative schedule/deadline in the roadmap.

We are waiting for the next testnet to be announced

Then it will be another testnet or alpha 2

Beyond that we have no clue because this project is breaking new ground and the actual timescale is too difficult to estimate and any estimate given will only cause problems with either confusion or anger when the time is not kept.

If we wait much longer there will be more and more competitors

many working on decentralized web on ethereum as soon as that kicks off, maid will have a hard competitor to beat atm.