When MAID launches live soon, please invest effort in marketing/PR outreach!

I am really looking forward to MAID launching the live/usable system after the current sprint and people starting to post real sites. I really hope that you guys put together a comprehensive plan for marketing and develop materials announcing the upcoming launch and then follow up with the launch occurs. I know marketing can cost time and sometimes even money and for many projects takes a back seat to development even around launch time, but doing some real outreach (e.g., an an actual press release on PR newswire, outreach to the various crypto news sites like coindesk, trying to get coverage on techcrunch, posting an ANN on bitcointalk, etc) but having that kind of coverage will really speed adoption and getting early adopters in the door early, making applications and websites, will only help to speed and build the long term adoption.


My personal feeling on the matter amount to “if you build it, they will come”…presuming that you build it well.

Apps will initiate the migration to the SAFE Network. For instance, the ability for this kind of security for messages is unprescedented. But a messaging app still has to be written. A html viewer still has to be coded. A music streaming app has to be released.

So everything really needs to come together first to bring the masses.


Two things here. One is outreach that is aimed at mainstream adoption, for that you are now just looking to plant the seed; separately, you want outreach to bring in new content providers like app developers. You don’t bring the masses in one fell swoop, and simply because you build something great does not mean that anyone will come. Adoption is built over time. You are correct that content is needed, and the first step is to help bring in content providers, like app builders, etc. You think app builders arent a big part of the tech and crypto community? They are. But, and this is the big but here, do you think they will spend their time building on your platform just because it’s cool and may offer a new tech? Maybe some will, but the vast majority will want to see some hype, enthusiasm, and energy in a community before spending their time. In any event, it is equally important to plant the seed early so people hear about the project now.

I assume most here are technically driven and seek out new tech actively and therefore have the same, in my view, somewhat misguided belief that if you build something amazing, people will magically appear, hence my post. That’s not not how the world works, unfortunately. History is rife with technological advances that never catch on because of poor marketing and outreach, and crap that becomes huge and popular because of good marketing. I don’t want MAID to be a Betamax type of project, make it an iphone.

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not really, most will likely be attracted to the financial incentive, most people wont be “omg dude this community is killa!! im gonna make stuff for these cool cats, hellz yeah”


Yeah, I guess I wasnt specific enough. Obviously the incentive is financial, I figured that would go without saying for an app developer. My point was that technology alone does not provide any financial incentive and cool technology will not lure new waves of developers.

Relatedly, why so much resistance to marketing and outreach? I just don’t get it. Both responses here are pretty negative on the issue. How could promoting your successes, launch, and having outreach to new people be a bad thing??


The #1 psychologicol motivator is the bandwagon effect. I use that even when it’s not necessarily true, because it works.

More importantly, we don’t have even a beta version yet. It would be much more productive to worry about rolling that out rather than how to market it.


The SAFE technology does provide the financial incentive itself, read about it right here: http://maidsafe.net/app-builders


I do understand what you mean and most likely with the way the environment for crypto currency is , the news articles follow the money, there is plenty of people waiting in the ranks and there will be a huge amount of volume increase on release , it happens with most coins. those news sites will likely hunt down and interview those they wish and seek out those they wish to interview .

Bitcoin wasn’t pushed by the creator in any major sense , he actually argued against certain big people adopting bitcoin in its early stages . It was the followers of the tech, those that believed in the tech that spread the word . Diferrent sub sects of society each having their own different beliefs into why it was great or good , or useful to them.

Bitcoin companies that are not bitcoin themselves have had advertising campaigns previously on specific sports events and other such things, these have pretty much every time been a huge drain in funds with very little effect on adoption.

The reserve you feel by most of the members of this forum might be because there have been numerous people many times before that have come into the forum with posts titled “here is what you have to do” “here is what has to happen” and similar of that nature, claiming they are experts or professionals in advertising or other media formats or business enterprises. Forcefully trying to push their ideas of what they think “is the right thing to do” then those same people on negative reviews because the idea wasn’t specific and quite basic , go off on one and act as if they are being attacked by members of the forum , just because they offer their opinions which happen to be negative because they understand the economics and technology greater than someone who has done advertising their whole life and never even been involved in crypto .

This is most certainly not to say you did any of that, you didn’t do anything of the sort , you are offering an idea and asking questions and they are great for starting a debate that does and could benefit being talked about, but because it has slight similarities to other people before , no where near the same but of similar topics, people are more cautious and negative in their opinions on stuff they have had a lot of negative experience about in the past


I can understand that gohan. FWIW, I am not new to following MAID, nor am I an advertising or marketing person, actually Im an electrical engineer turned entrepreneur later turned patent attorney who has been involved in crypto for a while and before that more traditional venture backed startups for a long time. The nature of the benefits drawn from venture backing goes far beyond money. I tend to see a lot of crypto startups that crowdfund and thereby sidestep the more traditional equity funding path (which is really not viable for a project like MAID), miss out on the guidance on the business and marketing side that comes with the more traditional path, and focus too heavily solely on the tech. I see many promising projects that seem to languish from poor and insufficient outreach and adoption. MAID is one of the few that has always caught my attention and with the upcoming release of a usable network I thought I’d offer my .02.

The flipside of what you said, however, is that just because lots of others have come in and offered their advice and you view them as perhaps outside of the crypto community, doesn’t mean they were all wrong. And to your point about draining funds on advertising campaigns, I couldn’t agree more – note that I was careful to refer to investing “effort” in my title and nothing I mentioned would cost anything but time (except a press release which is like a hundred bucks).


Sorry i wasn’t suggesting that they have some sort of bias because of the other comments but it has been debated regularly from people outside the community trying to push their opinion in an overly aggressive manor to then project that aggression and claim it is them who are receiving the aggression .

There have been very many valid points against the advertising route that have been argued before in many different posts.

The fact that there will be no solid release date is an important factor, it will be released slowly over time, more features and greater access over sprints or periods of time, there is no real definitive “release date”

Like i have said before, the thing you have mentioned that will cost money will most likely be free because those journalists for most of the news tech sites actually send their journalists after the stories they wish to see, yes it is possible to pay for news stories to be published , and it is usually a technique used by coins that have very little market cap who wouldn’t otherwise be noticed or sought after naturally by interested parties.

There has already been numerous stories publish , it is a crowdfunded project that is one of the highest crowd funded projects in the history of crowd funded projects , it has a huge following, many investors. They know about the project and are following closely .

Some of the ideas you put forward if not most are advertising to the group that maidsafe is already most well known to (the crypto crowd) advertising to people outside of the crypto crowd would maybe be an idea but then again , how do you make it cost effective and time currently , is money for the developers of this project, i have insomnia and i think this team has been awake and working their asses off longer than i have been awake this past year, trying to cut costs with time wasted could end up delaying the project by weeks possibly and has done in the past as david has said to answering questions related to the tech.

Edit:there is also weekly updates regarding what has been done and will be done the next week

MaidSafe Dev Update 27 October 2015 , google docs wont show up on this thread , but looking at the transscript at the bottom of op

there is a hell of a lot of development in educating people and informing them of the technology of maidsafe,

this either looks like you are not aware of it , or think there needs to be more dedicated to advertising than there already is, currently in progress .


I guess I’ll offer two final thoughts. You say “there is a hell of a lot of development in educating people and informing them of the technology of maidsafe, this either looks like you are not aware of it” – think about that statement for a minute. I’m actively involved in crypto, read crypto news every day, I read the weekly dev updates here (hence how I know the progress), I have the agile link bookmarked and follow the progress each sprint, I follow this forum even if only loosely. If I’m not aware of it, then perhaps it is not effective.

Second, you also express concern over perhaps having no news to share, or development being rolling. That’s all about perception. Look at the last few stories from techcrunch discussing MAID, which is the highest readership coverage Im aware of for MAID, they were not about new features and it didnt matter you didnt have a beta yet. And, in any event, having a live network that people can see and upload a page to, or even the forum topic on developing webpages for the safe network, would be great fodder for outreach and media coverage.

This is completely subjective, as there are many different ways of advertising , some of them unfortunately don’t directly involve you or where you would typically hang around and are actually promoting maidsafe to those not in the crypto space currently. So perhaps it may not be effective, those stats will be unknown until it could be proven if ever, but using the reason “if i aint seen it then perhaps it is not effective” is a hugely invalid argument.

Tell people about a network that no one can really access yet , and tell them what it will be able to do in the future. a network where the majority of people interested or at least have heard of it previously are waiting to actually see what it can do with their own eyes once it is actualy released


find people, develop projects, train and educate people not actually currently connected to crypto majorly yet , allow them to understand and contribute in many different ways holding small work shops and in the future increasing the overall foundation level side of things

It didn’t matter to who? techcrunch? or the thousands of people who read tech crunch that either saw it, made note and have now forgotten it because no network is live yet, or people anxiously waiting for the network to actually become live so they can see it for themselves before they invest.

Having a live network would work really well in advertising said product which is why it has been suggested already that advertising would best be timed for when it actually launches , but if you don’t plan on having a typical launch , then how do you advertise it properly and most effectively? time is money remember and spending time in failed attempts at advertising could actually delay and have a worse effect than not advertising

Getting people interested in the project and building apps/websites and a whole list of other amazing things, merging different sectors of tech and the economy together would be a great idea, which is already being done . as seen by the transcripts .

I think marketing can/will happen, in the form of being informative. No flashy lights, or rather nothing too flashy. Just anything that lures the most, without being too flashy. They haven’t chimed in here yet, but: I do believe the developers have knowledge of what to do once the biggest strides have been made, and they might edge on the flashier side even—in the form of outreach. They know which outlets work best, as long as they’re energized enough to push for all of them. They’ve made many great decisions so far. As for the early adopters, us, etc., we already know how exciting it will be to endlessly push for awareness. There’s no way to fail, because it’s all so new, and more importantly useful by a long shot, like torrents yet perhaps even better.

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