When is something REAL going to happen?

When are we going to see an alternative web layered on the SAFE Network? Is it going to take several years? Any estimates welcome!

Also, when will there be a 32-bit Linux launcher? Is this even being worked on?


Don’t know about the latter.

Am not sure what you mean by an alternative web. We already have simple websites and demos of more complex dynamic features (tutorials with comments plugin, and a markdown editor with document version history & comparison). I also have a couple in the works and others are working away too.


Right, I cannot try them out as I’m only connected via 32-bit Linux, and there is no launcher available for me. Doesn’t seem like there is going to be one in the foreseeable future either :-/

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AFAIK All the code builds on 32 bit, we just never released those binaries during these updates. The changes in code are viciously fast right now so keeping up with master branch is very difficult. As the current rush for the Rest API rewrite and vaults completes that will change. We were iterating too quickly to even use semver properly with various testnetworks etc. This will certainly change when vaults run from home. If you try to will be able to build all the projects/libraries on 32 bit linux, but if you cannot then please let us know. Connecting to the testnet/alpha may be an issue, but building should be fine. @Krishna_Kumar may be able to help if it’s just the front end tutorials/launcher etc. you are after.

In the back end rust 1.13 has arm issues (a security issue) so you may need beta for arm if you are using that.


SAFE Authenticator and Vaults are being worked on right now, simultaneously. That’ll take until December; I doubt that it will take longer than at most the end of December! January should be the start of Test Safecoin, perhaps? (Others can argue both ways on that issue if they have better information.) Personally I would really like Test Safecoin by the mid-end of January. The time before then should be testing out the new vaults/auth, so maybe Test Safecoin could be more realistically out by February. (Unless there are more steps I don’t know of, though I can’t think of any.) Then Safecoin by March, maybe? At this rate I think it’s better to think of major milestones breached after every month, rather than weeks. I remember some prediction by @whiteoutmashups ending up a bit later than March. So at the start of Spring (at the latest?), there should be real things starting in terms of Internet growth.

For basic SAFE applications like Safecoin/storage, my hope is that enough people make use of it before there’s a massive growth of the new Internet. The Internet might take another year or so to grow, considering people have to develop new serverless programming languages for it, etc.


Unmet expectations are at the root of all human frustration. It is much better to expect longer and be chuffed when you’re proved wrong imo. It’s the same result either way. You can’t do much to change when things go live yourself, but you can be smiling that they launched so soon, rather than spending months frustrated that they haven’t.

David said in the BttF forum to expect MINIMUM 4 months for testsafecoin… that was in late September and they have been very busy so god knows how things have changed since then. Either way, that takes us to late Jan at the earliest for testsafecoin. It might be really quick from there and earlier predictions might not be far off, but I think it’s better for your mental health to expect things to start rolling out in the their final versions around Q1/2 2017. Which is really soon considering 2016 is over in 6 weeks. And it may well be sooner than the end of that timescale. With the way they are killing themselves at Troon towers and scattered around the globe it’s not at all impossible that we get lucky and launch earlier; it’s pretty clear they want to and they are keen to get the boat in the water as soon as they can be certain it won’t sink. Although, for the sake of my own sanity I’m still expecting late Q2 for safecoins and hoping for sooner. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Presumably ACTUAL (not test) SAFEcoin won’t happen until BETA??, when the network is permanently up and running without hard forks.

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I previously learned that the Beta release will be without Safecoin. Has this changed? As for the launch of the SAFE network my hope is that it will be an exponential growth. In the beginning the growth is very slow and then later the growth becomes fast because of the exponential acceleration.

My skills are insufficient to build executables, so I hope I can call on @Krishna_Kumar to help me with something that will allow to peek at least a tiny bit into the user interfaces that are operating. Then I will be able to form opinions on what the possibilities inherent in this technology are, beyond what I am able to from merely reading forum exchanges and viewing videos.

It’s been 16 months since I started the first topic on this forum (to introduce myself – you might like to peruse that as my circumstances are somewhat unique), and I’ve since written very little, although I’m definitely motivated to get more involved – if the resources/technical barriers can be surmounted.


Hi @Halvor, I’ll give it a try next week to try to cross-compile for 32 bits. I will contact you then if you like. Just for the sake of learning so I cannot promise it’ll work, but I’m sure we can get more help.


Wonderful! I eagerly anticipate this.