When is MaidSafe Launching?

That guy in your profile pic, wasn’t he the ‘wax on’ ‘wax off’ guy…breathing, relaxing, focussing…he seemed to display great patience :slight_smile:

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He was! He also caught a fly using his two little sticks while he was eating.


@dirvine, thanks for the reply. So you say TestNet 3 will be out soon, is 2-months a valid timeframe for TestNet 3 to launch?

Also with TestNet 3, will we have public access to the BETA version of the client?

I would think so, I am very aware of timescale dangers and folks desire to pin down a timescale. It is something I am working very hard to improve upon. If you stick around a wee while you will see some pretty big changes. At the moment we report everything weekly, but we can be even better than that. Takes effort, but with a very complex system timescales are a nightmare so the key is to remove the complexity where possible. That’s my current issue and I am taking it head on and the I guarantee this will make a difference as we improve further.

We have some of the top names in c++ but that itself is not good enough, so I hope to push a lot of developments through. Again its all very much pressured, but the testnet3 network is on track and I would hope to see that very soon. Importantly I feel we need to not only rush this out but manage expectations and upgrades better. The latest delay was me forcing through the language of the network, which is massively important. Things are greatly simplified and more obvious now, so lets see what we can accomplish now with all the Engineers we have more focussed on simpler goals with much less complexity. I think you will be surprised.


First off, thanks again for the reply, I appreciate the time that you’re putting into this discussion.

Let me know if I’m being hyper-critical here, but on your TestNet 2 roadmap (http://maidsafe.net/roadmap#/testnet2), this is the current status :

I’m not sure if the roadmap is outdated (is it?), but as you can see a lot of, what I think are major, milestones have yet to be reached, for example :

  • Introduction of public name registration
  • Implement messenger / mail system
  • Initial apps - Desktop Drive, Messaging
  • Establish Safe App Launcher

If the roadmap is indeed up to date, do you intend to complete all of these “major” milestones within the next 1/2 months, before TestNet 3? Have you guys started actually work yet on these milestones? If so how much progress has been made so far, is it nearing completion, or just starting out?

I look forward to your reply!


These are actually mostly in place in terms of code complete (not 100% sure launcher is 100% yet) , you will see it in code. We made a decision to not allow the roadmap to update until code was pushed to master branch, a bit tough I agree but it’s more accurate. So where we now tick off points it means they are not only complete and Qa’d etc. they are in the master branch of the codebase.

We are finalising a huge change right now, but pushed most of these things to master last week, so I expect some will be ticked off, but again we have not got testnet3 up to confirm these points.

So the roadmap is accurate, but we have put checks in place to make sure when they tick off it means more than just coded. When testnet3 goes live much of this will just all get ticked off, but possibly beforehand if we check on the current testnet (which we have down right now to focus on all the changes).

It would be easier to tick these off, but not so honest really as we have these new tougher criteria, I suppose we should explain this part more fully though.


No, understandable as we have just dived into a huge amount of work and should be more vocal about it and the changes, its a hard balance between doing and talking though :frowning:

@dirvine I can’t even say how happy I am to find out the creator of Maidsafe takes the time to explain milestones and progress to the mass community… it fills me up with confidence seeing you guys do all you can to have the best code in place before launching. Cheers to you and the team!


Thanks David for all the information once again! As the poster above mentioned, it’s a pleasure to be in a community where the project lead takes time out to discuss with fellow community members.

I look forward to the release of TestNet 3 soon :wink:

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Am I missing something or is TestNet no longer part of the Roadmap? I guess too many people obsess with TestNet instead of the other progress made but the new roadmap still confuses me as to where we are in terms of release.

This new roadmap got published last week:

It should now be taken from granted the network is running, it will be from this week hopefully as we release all the components of last sprint. It will initially be tcp only and then fully able to break through NAT etc. See each lib readme for more info on each part as well.

So that’s technical, but from the other side, say user only, then the download point and click apps will hopefully start to be created now. There is a lot of community interest and we hope some apps running on AWS etc. can switch their API and use the network now. It will enter beta after dev bundle three and possible 1 security audit and tech debt sprint, if that helps. We will keep everyone up to date weekly though as we progress and let folks know what we have released and (hopefully) why.


I still can’t believe how fast you switched everything to Rust in just 6 months…really impressive!


Even more so, I checked routing to see when we started with the test of rust, I played for a week or two then the test team started on 15th March (a couple of the app devs I pulled aside). Three weeks later most of the team were involved.

In routing alone there are over 1600 code commits in that time, so it’s more like three months (or under) but with a tremendous work rate (routing is one lib from 11). Been very rapid indeed with daily meetings to make sure everyone is as productive as possible and not blocked. So another 2 months like this and we should be very comfortable indeed.


2 months should be just enough to get me started with the programming again…I have some great ideas for applications :smile:.

I remember reading in some thread that apps can be written in C#. Is this still valid?
What is your recommendation here? What should I/we start with ? @dirvine


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I think for windows apps c# is probably great. Many languages are now getting more platform agnostic and c# included (@Viv knows much more). Python, JavaScript, ruby et al’ are also fine. I suspect c# and family will make improvements fast. Go, Java etc. also my be fine. Go is very nice in many ways. I think though if you know c# a bit then go with that, but check out how portable it will be, I know MS released a write once run everywhere type initiative recently.


Will you use pub extern "C" on the APIs in the end so that we can build shared libs and bind them to other languages? I’m especially interested in Crust right now, but ultimately the whole stack. Thank you.


@ustulation is the API king around here. I am pretty sure we will be providing a c interface amongst others. The priority will be on the client API, but can be applied to all libs I imagine with some ease.

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Ya I already dabbled in what is call Foreign Function Interface (FFI) in Rust. I’ve got a working POC here, which uses Python front-end to call into Rust Library (rlib). It goes via C interface indirection so that SWIG can be used to easily get the final interface files for many target languages. Of-course it’s done with the intention of only having myself understand it so it may not be utterly descriptive or tutorial-oriented. The README there is all i wrote to provide some description. But the code is simple and might give some idea on how things are done.

In Rust extern is already an extern C by default, so merely extern is enough as far as i remember.


I really appreciate how patient the Maidsafe staff is in explain their progress to everyone. Of course people are going to want to use the product very soon. It’s like being hungry in a restaurant and waiting for the food to come out. Everyone is so excited. Personally I am willing to wait longer and get a better product. Don’t launch until everything is really perfect.