When is a support forum not a support forum? :)

Can somebody point me to where I can find out how to do whatever is necessary to be able to actually post a “please help” topic in the developer “Support” forum? There’s a not-very-helpful pretend robot there which deletes everything I try to post. [Question for self: what kind of support forum is that? :)]
Thank you!

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joyous! Are you saying you don’t like discobot. I know he says you can’t hurt his/her feelings but I still worry. :sun_with_face:

Just post the same as you did here and perhaps call it; “Please help with _ _ _ _ _”


I’ll tag @frabrunelle here so he can help you out. I’m not modding on that forum so I can’t help here.

You can post your question on this forum though… use the #support category until you’re good on the dev forum.