When do you think Safe Network will launch?

Yes of course, its all taken a LOT longer than anyone anticipated, especially the devs. I remember the first time I heard of the project and got talking to David at an event in Edinburgh that Dug Campbell put on. Mesh networking was the particular bee in my bonnet at the time and I was told “go talk that guy, his project will feature mesh networking”

At the time I was worried that MaidSafe would be launched before our gang of over-optimistic loonballs got our chain of line-of-sight relays between Glasgow and Edinburgh complete…


Which speaks to my two points about being optimistic but also being done with the over excitement Bc this thing has taken so many twists and turns and I’ve only been around watch the project since end of 2016. I may also be wrong but it does feel like the proverbial clock striking midnight is really close at this point in which the world no longer would be better if this was complete but more so needs to be competed.


The BTC halving cycle certainly drives a lot of the crypto world, but I would suggest it may not be applicable to SAFE after the network launches. For example, let’s say SAFE has an MVP in early 2023, but the “ideal” time to invest in BTC is still a year or two away based on cycles. Someone has fiat they want to invest. Where do they put it? Maybe SAFE is significantly more attractive than BTC at that point. SAFE and BTC may decouple after SAFE launches.

I also suspect at this point the BTC cycle has more to do with the hype pulling new people in than the actual halving itself. I expect the halving effect will wane as the BTC market get saturated. And perhaps with so many BTC out relative to the max cap that may reduce the effect of the halving on price as well. This is like the gold market. Annual mine supply is so small relative to the available above-ground quantity that it has virtually no impact on price anymore.


Everyone is and thank God the devs don’t get complacent and instead keep digging deeper. We know this is the right thing for humanity so we need to deliver it. The last few months and until Feb is hell for me. 2 Xmas’s ago was hell to, but that makes us get on our back heel and push harder. As long as that continues it will launch. It’s the least we can all hope for.


I agree with your first paragraph but my comment about timing was only in relation to pure time of 2 years or so until we see an MVP, not that maidsafe needed to be in conjunction with bitcoin halving to see appreciation or action. Purely a time marker.

I believe until further notice that bitcoin is either the best or one of best places for safe capital appreciation. Others may disagree and I also believe that actions such as the FDIC looking to potentially use bitcoin as collateral and naturally lengthening cycles will provide more consistent stability. Time will tell.


Has there been any (ballpark or loose) updates based on bitcoin appreciation and other holdings what kind of current financial runway you feel like you have at this point to continue pushing forward? Truthfully as someone who has hung around, whatever happens, happens and that’s how it goes but I think your dedication to the completion of this will only be deterred by that runway so I’m always curious about that.


We have over 3 years runway at current costs. We have folk working that the BGF should cover, but I have not done that as it’s all an admin headache for me in all honesty. So runway is fine, all we need is energy and drive. More devs would help if we find the right folk, community input is beyond amazing from a few folks, really amazing.

I think as long as the drive is there then the projects fine.


I’m sure you’ve explored all options but I can’t help but wonder if outsourcing some of that administrative work between now and February might be just what the doctor ordered. I have a phenomenal consulting firm in Victorville, CA that I worked with for years that would both remotely and meticulously handle all of my administrative needs for a paltry $60 per week. Payroll was done in conjunction with a separate firm and an office of ten would run you and additional $75 per week. Total price tag = $135/wk.

Can you tell us what type of devs you are seeking according to priority?

EDIT: Side note, I also happen to specialize in recruiting, can work remotely and will work for free.


Thanks, yes we have outsourced VAT and wages, but not any authority or banking etc. That was a huge help and is almost fully outsourced now. It will remain so as we want Andrew to be very focused on Fintech and launch.

In terms of devs then I am keen on good folks, but folk who believe in the vision and know what it is. If we find them and they can show us how they will add value then they are in :wink: I like simple :smiley:

Thanks again chap, really decent of you


JK …

New plan - launch a new project/token: SafeNetworkTimeMachine.

Then we don’t have to worry about when it’s ready … we just go back to the formation of the Internet and change history for the better!

Seriously though, keep hacking ants! It’s not far now!


Time for another poll?


so there we are, a year later

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If you want to help by joining in the testnets, you would be very welcome. We’re always ready to help you get started.

It needs a little work but not that much. :smiley:


After just 1 year we already have 35% of the votes being wrong. 1/3 of the people here failed spectacularly in predicting the launch date. Why? Were they mislead? Are they delusional? Do they just lack the knowledge? Wisdom of the crowd does not apply in this forum, clearly. Perhaps rational people left long time ago and only the most hopeful and naive remains.

I’l admit. I voted 2023, but realistically I’ll also join the group of bad votes one year from now. SafeNet was a nice idea, sadly it didn’t really work out for whatever reason. It’s hard to express how much that hurts. Somehow I still manage to keep the torture going by visiting this forum occasionally.

I guess it’s sort of like dealing with sickness such as dementia or alzheimer in a loved one. The grieving process is ongoing and when they finally die you can no longer cry. I think SafeNet is similar in that regard. I come here and am reminded about what could have been. All those great memories I’ll never have. The freedom I’ll never experience. The future that will never be.

It hurts every time, but you get increasingly more numb to the pain.

The worst part is you have all those people around still telling you that your demented friend will make a full recovery when you know it’s not true. Heck, he just started rambling about implementing censorship. There’s no recovery.

In many ways it would have been easier if the projected had been announced dead. It would be like visiting a grave. As the years goes by it gets easier. You learn to cope with the loss. Here lies SafeNet 2006-2022.


Maybe that’s what I’m coming back for? Closure? Maybe I’m just wishing for a miracle.

Make another poll if you wish. I see it as pointless now. If I’m not banned for being doomist, I’ll make my next poll in 2026 if the forum is still around by then. Let that be the scheduled funeral date. Really, that’s only fair don’t you think? You’re all invited.


You are too pessimistic from my view.


Geez peace, ya dobber.

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Lol. It’s an R&D project to try to do something that’s never been done before, but would be very valuable.

Because of this, there are no guarantees of success. But you can be sure that the first people to achieve the goal will be those who are working hard at solving the problems that need to be solved for the goal to be reached.

That is what MaidSafe are doing, and I’ll keep cheering them on as they progress towards this worthwhile goal, even if success isn’t guaranteed within any set timeframe.


It would be great if the network launched in 2024 coinciding with the next crypto bullrun


Earlier would also be great btw :joy: :two_hearts:


There are only 3 things that are guaranteed in life

  1. Paying Taxes

  2. Death

  3. And that David will never give up on building the Safe Network

And yet, the rich have found a way around number 1. For some transcendental philosophers Death is just an illusion. Which leaves us with number 3 being the only true guarantee in life, rejoice!