When do you think Safe Network will launch?

Tbh, I would rather not wade into details of PtP, PtD, etc. because I personally believe that they should not be tied to the network’s money in the first place, as they would introduce unknown attack/manipulation risks that can’t possibly be accounted for in totality.

But if the community wants it, it should be added through an upgrade as it can always be removed through another upgrade if it doesn’t work out.


I can understand concern about network attack or manipulation for sure. Needs to be balanced, a lot of considerations but respectfully disagree on not having it included. Apps being free and not relying on ads or user data is the next paradigm and PtD can be the catalyst.


I completely understand :slightly_smiling_face:

In fact, I really also like the idea of not having to deal with yet a different token to use some app. But would putting the fundaments of the money at risk be worth that convenience is the question I ended up asking myself. But completely understand why someone may approach it differently.


In 2017 I guessed 2022 for launch. Hope it happens but if it doesn’t life goes on

13% out of the 95 voters believe it will never be launched. Wow. that is 12 people out of the 95 are here but don’t believe it will ever happen. While an extra 6% believe it will happen in 2027 and later. While the majority, the 26% always get it wrong according to the history of the polls here. Time to take a breath. I feel Maidsafe is in a perpetual state of research to be honest.


What bothers me about the state of progress is that supported exchanges don’t serve the whole community.

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I can understand why those people feel that way. But I personally believe that MaidSafe will deliver. They have consistently gotten closer and closer. I’m an optimist, so I think the date is a lot closer than the majority prediction (also going by the progress).

Also, this is an unpopular thing to say, but I think the community needs to own up to its part in potentially delaying the release. Are we prepared to challenge ourselves and at least temporarily let go of some of our expectations for the early network? We should help the team focus on MVP items alone, nothing else.


It is trolling. Iif those people really believed it will never be launched, why would they waste their time on this forum?


In theory, the network may fail, but the technological solutions developed here may be the basis for other products. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Even partial success is a step towards a better future for our species.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


That is utterly arrogant and delusional, it could also spell out that people still use this forum through habit and hope but know realistically that this project is never coming to fruition.

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People habitually open up their stock trading apps and wallets to see the value of their portfolios, people habitually follow the news or scroll twitter, so what’s your point really?

Most come here because we have a common desire to rally around this particular approach to a decentralized internet and have a sense of community. I check GitHub just as much as the forum to keep abreast and both are habitual tasks but that doesn’t change me looking at other projects, attempts, etc. I favor this approach over others and the vision has always been the same. What we see around us are attempts to fulfill the vision that Maidsafe introduced to those that were lucky (or unlucky?) enough to stumble across it but so far what I’ve seen fall short in some capacity or another.

The only real contenders I see are IPFS/Filecoin and Hudura Hashgraph. They are pretty great tbh but nowhere near what Safe Network can achieve, once it is stable and fully featured.

If you want that then you can pop in here to watch for progress, try to help in some capacity, or just move on.

I get some people feel trapped because of their investment and that is disappointing all around. If one invested too much they can see opportunity passing by and that is a frustrating feeling but if the course of actions are out of one’s control it may be best to just call it a loss, for now but only for now because someday, we will have a Safe Network delivered by Maidsafe that this community will be contributing to.

I wish everyone the best of luck and deepest condolences for any missed opportunity because most everyone here are good people. Most people are good people or at least mean well. If those people can manage to set what they put in aside, they may someday be very happy they didn’t capitulate. May, as everyone’s perspective is relative and opinions subjective :wink:


I know this is a little off-topic, but it speaks to expectations. I started speculating with MAID in 2017. This project is so unique; a true high-risk, high-reward venture. And the development team is confident and optimistic, exactly as I would want them to be. So when I started putting money in I agreed with myself that I wouldn’t worry about price so long as the following held:

  • Significant progress by 2022 (5 years) - check
  • David and the development team made sound business and technical decisions to maximize the chances of success of the project - check
  • It continued to look like the network would launch by 2025 (8 years) - so far so good

If any of these conditions weren’t met at any point I would consider dumping or greatly reducing my position. I think it’s important to have a plan and then not worry about the outcome. That’s the purpose of the plan. I’ve sold a little MAID along the way at a profit, but plan to hold the majority indefinitely as long as the network launches and grows.



Its almost like we will get to a point where people can look back 5 (whatever number) releases ago and realise that data became permanent and token rewards will be remaining. So when is/was launch really.

But as I said this was a side issue and not specific to the poll.

BTW I never voted because I have been in a team developing a product that was initially going to take 6 months, but I joined the team of one at the 6 month point. The product initially being produced would never fulfil the requirements and when reviewed we saw that there was a lot more work in order to make it a 24/7/decade product to work in mission critical conditions and *never* fail. The work done over a few years was for the essential product with management just waiting to pounce if we tried to feature add that was not essential. The point is that novel research and development often looks like just adding wish lists (scope creep) because the initial concept could not cover all the essential requirements.


This seems important to the Tezos self amendment process,

“From a more technical perspective, the coding language used to build Tezos, OCaml, is capable of identifying three main elements on the chain: blocks, protocols and transactions. Any module written in OCaml and implemented on the chain can update its overall state.”

Also check this. cc: @dirvine


With that attitude it will be never😅

:100: this, the project would long be cancelled if it was part of a larger company due to non-deliverance.

Luckily that isn’t the case and there is a supportive team and forum. Though I do question the approach from a planning perspective. I don’t know any company that works without any strategic planning.

To me it is completely unclear on whether we are actually close (we’ve heard the words, we’re very close for a very long time now). Fleming could be somewhere in the next 3 months, but could also take till 2023 or later

Correct, it is impossible to plan something that has never been done before, this is something that has been said here many many times.

All the team has is their genius, a vision, and a goal, while trying to navigate in the dark.

The good news is that at last the goal is in sight.

The black void is getting swallowed by light.

Of course new challenges are inevitable, but they now seem to be getting smaller and smaller; most of which is just bug crushing at the moment.


we had networks that weren’t stable, but at least we had networks (some where stable back before some time but was early prototypes with not all functionality)

the bug crashing and finalizing bits make me believe that a stable network that is not final is near and then only finilizing some more and bug crashing and we will get there when it all works out


Yes so true, and like most research projects there is a use case they are aiming for. Its not an open ended goal, which is where some R&D projects fail. But like building a new type of rocket, many problems to solve and the end goal is pretty much stable. After it is working then additional functionality can be added.

And its a network that needs a certain set of functions to work together in order to work at all in the real world.

Its good that it appears the current implementation is going to work very well in implementing the network.

Essentially the network is the storage, the method to use it and the reward structure. Security is simply part and parcel of all components.


The one huge positive is that the Bamboo Garden donation has (about) trebled. Lots it can be used for I imagine