When do you think Fleming will be released?


Simple question, simple poll:

  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • Later

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I think that my recent, constant asking for schedules might be annoying for the Maidsafe team, so I’d like to give some context. My purpose is not to nag about you not giving timeframes, I just have personal pressure to make good judgements on my investments. I work as a freelancer, and I have had very little income for some time now, so I am forced to sell some cryptos sooner or later - and probably sooner. I try to make good decision on what to sell and when. My plan is to sell some MAID when Fleming is released, and the price hopefully rises. Of course I would not like to sell at all, but the situation is what it is, and I just have to. So I hope you don’t take my inquiries as on offence, I just want to have some opinions on the timeframe.

By the way, while making this poll, I found out the one about a year ago, regarding Beta release.

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I choose test networks in July.

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So “freelancer” is how unemployed is called today? I would rather earn some money other way than sell crypto now, when crypto winter is ending.

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So would I. We are also having our first baby soon, which is :heart:, but also gives some economical and other pressures too.


there is no problem with freelance, hope MAID provides benefits

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Thank you for your kind words. MAID has already provided some.

But this whole crypto thing has changed my relationship to money quite significantly, and even though it has been an economical boost, it has been quite taxing mentally. Not just the way down, but the rise of 2017 too was not easy to handle for me.


I’m sure that doesn’t only happen to you. And some of them try to get up and survive. Let’s wait for this in 2019.:smile:

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Best indication IMO is in this update, in particular in relation to the planned hackathon:


Yes, this is what made me vote September. My gut feeling is June, but it has been wrong many times. Now I think that it should be June, but then in the last moments there comes up something that needs re-working and because September seems to be sort of a deadline, it will be done by then.

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Yeah, there is this thing called “Sudden Wealth Syndrome”. Interesting stuff.


Later is always true. June is later, August is later, July is later.

PS: Just joking, i know what you mean by later


Actually if we are honest only appendable data needs to be done until then…

Strictly speaking Fleming is not needed to not be touched by a data type change in the api if there is a test network with the properties of alpha 2 just with appendable data api (or even still alpha 2 and client libs released just not exposing key altering/removal functionality and the mutable data functions renamed to appendable data… So maybe 1 day work for a dev and we’re there I guess from current state and no Fleming released)

Ps: feel free to correct me if I’m wrong @maidsafe - as I understood it mutable data is like appendable data just with additional functionality (at least for the api)

Pps: and it wouldn’t even affect currently running Web apps because they are using the ‘old client libs’ - so I don’t really see why the change to appendable data for the api is being delayed at all :face_with_monocle: just makes new devs writing (in the future partly) useless code…? @dirvine (sorry for pinging you at a Sunday… You should have time off too and a weekend… It’s just now that I recognised this… )

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No worries man, like many this is all interesting. There is an internal data discussion and some new RFCs coming out. This will solidify data for launch, we hope. As Fleming has no data this does not affect Fleming, although I am investigating a dual track approach to Fleming, you see having no data means Fleming needs extra code (that will not be required fro Maxwell/launch). So we are looking at updating vaults and safe client libs with a separate team. Kinda a race to Fleming, with no data or with data.

In terms of delay to appendable data I am very keen on 2 things, first being speed of delivery (as you are pointing to) and also ensuring API changes are minimal, both now and for the future. I think the RFCs will explain much more than I can, but we may have some nice surprises as we are in a position to enable some types the community were very keen on. To be clear altering the data is not a task anything like routing tasks, which are complex. Updating the data code will not be a long process as it is only some types. At least to get the API correct, of course putting in all the vault handling may be different, but giving devs a solid future proof (I hope) API should not be a lengthy process.


Fleming with data? Interesting! I am sure it would be welcome and prevent throw away code being written.

Having a race could be wasteful in itself though. If with data wins, the without data team would have wasted their time writing throw away code that won’t even be used. I trust these discussions are being had internally though.


Not like this, but routing need to get to Fleming, just before they write any code that may not be used in release we check where vaults are with data. So nobody loses but the whole community potentially gain, or at least know more what we are doing with Fleming.


Does this mean maybe Fleming with test-safecoin? I mean maybe not day 1 but if the data layer is there how do I acquire usage of some? I kinda like the idea of just letting it organically grow if that is possible. So maybe maxwell will just be more a checkpoint of we have all this stuff now more then an independent release where it all comes together?


You just never know :wink: Although this is what true openness is, it also can lead to massive disappointment, it is like freedom comes with responsibility so .lets see, but it is not out of the question for sure. Again prepare for massive disappointment if we grab onto the possible and downgrade the probable. The biggest probability right now is Fleming will have no data. Hope that helps.


I do accept maybe’s! I like that you are saying possible! I mean I remember asking my parents if I could have a party at their house and I knew this was the best answer I could get right away. Now I just need to keep heckling you until you are like omg fine just make the test-safecoin so these animals leave me alone!!!

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Good luck Vaults Team! No pressure! :slight_smile:


I would like to see Fleming out there mid next month or sooner. Then I would like to see a real hard grind effort to reach Maxwell out in the wild before new funding is actually necessary/secured. I think there is a much stronger case to be made as a company when you have two of the most challenging milestones knocked out of the way fully before needing one last extra surge to go the distance(who knows, maybe at that stage the project will seem de-risked enough that many people would be throwing funding offers left and right at MaidSafe). Past history on pace of progress tell me its likely only Fleming will be fully finalized before a new dip into a cookie jar must be had but a boy can dream :slight_smile: .

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