When do you think Fleming will be released (2020 edition)?

I get the sentiment, I agree there has to be an incentive, for some, money, for some freedom, for others, who knows? Skype worked because folk wanted free phone calls for instance.

I think the term GREED is really badly used, greed for what? for life, food, family or is it only money. The latter is hard for me because what’s the money for? surely that’s what the incentive feeds. If we focus on a negative word that is used in bitcoin type circles as a great attribute as greed == incentive, but greed sounds like something folk can argue about being a bad attribute. Then others say pure greed is good it’s where the incentive comes from, but to me it’s not. The incentive is different. I don’t see a parent wanting to feed thier children as greedy, or the farmer in Africa wanting some seed to sow. I see the network providing incentives that may allow that, but also the journalist wanting to blow the whistle, or the parent looking for safe communications for their children and more.

Greed is a word used in incendiary ways and I feel it’s used in dubious ways. It’s like saying vegetarians need to want the murder of plants and mean eaters need to strongly desire slaughtering animals. I just feel greed is something beyond fair and that’s where I don’t feel comfortable.

Just a word, but can be used in a bad way.


my greed is only for control of global censoriousness. nothing major. just carry on

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Could you shine some wisdom on us and elaborate on what an intriguing time period lies “half way between Q4 2020 and Q1 2021” please ? :thinking:

Between December 31st 23:59:60 and January 1st 00:00:00, this is known as a leap second and they are inserted every few years to make up for various inconsistencies in time (changes in how far we are away from the sun, the inaccuracy of our global time keeping, to make up for a “year” not being quite as long or short as our clocks think they are)


Just looked it up and you’re, alas, mistaken by 1 second.
It is “inserted between second 23:59:59 of a chosen UTC and second 00:00:00 of the following date” so it is the second 23:59:60 thus technically still Q4.

Anyway thank you @Shane for elucidating.


yes , you are totally right… I only meant that although most of us would be goodheartedly working here, still, sure enough, a greedy heart would come along and endanger what we all have been building without this antibody system to protect us… So as I see it, SAFE is a response to that need…Imagine SAFE being what the INTERNET was in the beginning, something naive , we all thought we were in heaven. Without protection we let greed take over, company control our personal data, viruses and the troupe that keep them company. hehehe… that´s what I meant… not that what seek, the ambition for better structures, dignities in life. Pardon me for not expressing well! That was my response to someone here who said that it is a pity that SAFE had to be involved with money, an internal token…in short, without money here it wouldn´t be feasible…! :slight_smile: