What's The Most Secure & Private Email?

Looking to delete my entire Google account. Had enough.

Am looking for a new email provider. Any good ones out there?

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Proton mail

But you might get a waiting list request.

A a matter of interest, if they are totally free then how do they pay for?[quote]secure datacenter facility hidden inside a Swiss granite mountain.[/quote]

Self-hosted! Can be a PITA sometimes though.


I love protonmail also.

From protonmail to protonmail, it is probably very, very secure. They are currently integrating external GNUPG compatibility.

They intend to offer paid services and apps in the future, as far as I know.

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Some qualms about Proton Mail in Wired (below) but I don’t know if there are any better usable alternatives (beyond DIY GPG stuff). Check out the EFF website, they have a list of recommended tools for different situations and tasks.

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You could try, but I don’t speak from experience:

Zoho Mail is probably good, because the nsa had problems with cracking it:

You can also use priv.ly, but in this scenario your content is stored with privly
Privly allows you to seamlessly view and post encrypted content on any website. Post encrypted Tweets, Updates, Chats…anything.

If you also need something for messaging and calling check out:


:slight_smile: have fun

It may be pretty tough to escape Goog’s ecosystem but for messaging try https://telegram.org/

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Signal is now Signal on both iOS, and Android, for those looking for smartphone options.

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Don’t know, but as gmason said they plan to offer some paid services. It does seem like someone with a chunk of money could set something like this up and let it go indefinitely without charging people as a public service especially if it were highly automated and not into the sill huge storage model.

What about claws mail on TOR. Tor seem to be rolling out updates at a frenetic pace and they seem like massive structural functional updates.

In any case, this illustrates why the SAFE messenging system will be so welcome.

Buy a server for $5/mo at https://www.digitalocean.com and then install http://www.iredmail.org … you’ll also need a domain name

However, email is inherently insecure.

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Protonmail for me. I have an account from the beginning but still didn’t convert my settings on many accounts which is a tedious job, no fun at all but it’s definitly a need todo…


You could wait a little bit and use SAFE Mail :slight_smile:

I would make the argument that you can not have email with the words private and secure in the current ecosystem. I like the Swiss email servers because they take bitcoin, have pretty good privacy laws, and are flexible with vanity addresses.

My favorite is https://kolabnow.com

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Milepile (https://www.mailpile.is/) sounds quite interesting. While proton mail does seem quite awesome, you still need to convince people in your social circle that privacy is important enough to warrant a change of habits. I’ve personally found this incredibly hard to do. Very few family/friends care, and even those that do still have their own family/friends keeping them tethered to the status quo.

Mailpile helps in that regard because you can still encrypt your mail to those who care, but use it as if nothing ever changed with those who don’t.

Of course, there’s nothing like a big change to force you to change your own habits.

Telegram (mentioned earlier) is a great project too, check that out. I use that as a replacement for email with many in my social circles.

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