What's the latest with SafeNet?

Hi, I haven’t been checking in for a while. What’s the status of the project? What’s the current testnet like? What’s it missing? Are vaults working?

What’s coming up next?

We’re still at alpha 2 with no vaults at home. Alpha 3 is next on the timetable (nodes at home without vaults) then alpha 4 (nodes with vaults at home). And yes vaults are still working although hosted by Maidsafe themselves for alpha 2

Have a read of the last 5 or 10 updates and you will learn more then I could repeat here. #development:updates


Currently there are no nodes at home? MaidSafe is running all vaults and nodes?

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Alpha 2: vaults at home -> no, Launch of a community safe network : vaults at home -> yes.