Whats stopping people storing illegal stuff on my node?

I was just wondering how this would go down if people had some illegal files stored on my node? obviously id like to avoid that at all costs.

The network does not know what is being stored where. Your node will recognize it is storing data, but neither you nor the network will be able to tell what the data is.

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It’s like the air you breathe, being shared by others…


Then MaidSafe is not for you :smile:

Invariably, every farmer with any meaningful amount of capacity (say, 100 GB) will host at least a few MB’s of what you incorrectly refer to as “illegal” data.
Of course one doesn’t actually host “illegal” files. In reality he most likely hosts parts or “slices” of “illegal” files.

I would say that as a farmer you have plausible deniability, but at the same time you help serve your so-called “illegal” content. :wink:


The whole point of MaidSAFE is to host files that are illegal in places where censorship is rampant. (China, N Korea, Middle east) Censorship resistance is the main feature… If they insert censorship back in, then the project fails.

It doesn’t store any meaningful data on any vault… It is all gibberish. It is only meaningful when it gets back to a client with the appropriate keys. You are hosting nothing of meaning on your vault. Just ones and zeros that means something to somebody someplace.

You cannot break the oppression of censorship by build a platform that allows censorship… You have to build a platform that doesn’t have any ability to be censored. MaidSAFE left off the sensorship levers intentionally.


That’s not whole point… SAFE’s ambition goes beyond countering censorship or making communication anonymous… those are just consequences that follow from the central aim of having privacy and then security. The ability to act with confidence on the back of privacy is beyond concern about censorship. Also it should be a more efficient way to store data en bulk… business confidence in cloud storage has taken a battering over recent years and rightly so… they will appreciate security more than privacy perhaps.


I agree – If anyone knew the content of the data they stored, Security would be out the window too. The architecture is both secure and censorship proof - and the two features go hand in hand.

The network is agnostic of the contents be it private corporate documents or porn… It is all just gibberish as far as the network can tell.

I do think Security ought to be the big selling point – the main one really, but Breaking the Great Firewalls of the world is also belongs in the “Pro” column not the “con”.


Yeah, when the laws are wrong, break em

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I doubt SAFE breaks any laws and should not need to. It’s a tool, like the internet is a tool… SAFE is just a better one.


That’s not how laws work.

Something is illegal if a government says it is illegal…

What governments say is solidly outside the control of SAFE…

SAFE does what it does and doesn’t speak “government” It is agnostic to anything other than the mission of it’s code…

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True if the government says its illegal then it is. However, from my understanding

  1. No particular node will store a whole file or document but bits of it. Hence you can’t really say that i have illegal stuff stored on my node.
  2. Secondly you don’t have access to what is stored on your node to determine if its illegal or not. Only the owner of the files have access to them.

Bottom line your safe from any legalities as to what is available on your node.