What's our next Fight

So where are we headed here?

In “The End of the Internet Dream”, Jennifer Granick writes:

Twenty years from now:

  • You won’t necessarily know anything about the decisions that affect your
    rights, like whether you get a loan, a job, or if a car runs over you. Things
    will get decided by data-crunching computer algorithms and no human will really
    be able to understand why.
  • The Internet will become a lot more like TV and a lot less like the global
    conversation we envisioned 20 years ago.
  • Rather than being overturned, existing power structures will be reinforced and
    replicated, and this will be particularly true for security.
  • Internet technology design increasingly facilitates rather than defeats
    censorship and control.

Remember how Zuboff’s Third Law said “In the absence of countervailing
restrictions and sanctions”?

It’s our job to correct that absence.