What's our marketing hook? What do we do about it?

Great post Ivan! It’s a good reminder of what Safe Network will mean to so many.

This quoted point is something worth highlighting too. It isn’t just about folks keeping their personal data safe, it is about limiting the responsibility resting on the developer. The developers don’t want to have to worry about securing that data either! They just want to provide the app. From a liability perspective - whether insured or not - it isn’t something a developer wants to deal with.


Very true. On the day job, I’m leading a cross-functional innovation team that is exploring data privacy. I pitched what I called a “comprehensive approach to championing the consumer’s right to data privacy” with one of the major benefits being reducing corporate liability for aggregating, transmitting, and storing consumer data. That liability costs businesses billions. Companies are beginning to realize that Big Data is a double-edged sword.


Also country border controls on data. Safe also blows that apart. As long as apps use self_encryption (we need to make this tight) then data as a readable thing does not exist so “safe harbour” et al’ are rendered ineffective and possibly redundant.


How did you hear about us?

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I was affected in the ledger bungle…this is big stuff. Lucky for me I used different phone numbers and addresses…

The replies are great!

I think what we are starting to do is slowly start the stages of a fine distillation. Some very specific hooks here are beginning to emerge, or at least it feels to me that the bubbling process is beginning to happen.

Like @Sotros25 has said and many others over the years have highlighted too, selling privacy is like selling insurance, in all honesty no one really cares until they need to care and by then it’s too late. We care, but we are few and far between, that is not to say that the privacy community globally won’t give us an edge, it will but it is not a large enough net to cast and rely upon.

What is beginning to form in my mind is this cloud of data ownership, freedom and fundamental human rights in this SAFE environment balanced out with this corporate liability that they’re taking on.

Those things are not sexy in the slightest but that doesn’t mean they don’t matter. The health industry for example is a great example of this. We all know it. Let me explain…

Dieting, celery, shakes, pushups and exercise, waking up early, more celery, a trainer yelling at you, eating, fasting, drinking lots of water, no beer, no pizza, IT F*CKING SUCKS! Its utter drudgery. Especially when you are overweight, especially when you have 100lbs to lose, especially when you hate exercise, especially when your fridge is stocked full of coke, frozen pizza and the cupboard filled with chips.

But this industry discovered something very powerful early on.

They discovered that the way to sell their goods was to not focus on the beginning, the harsh cold mornings, the scales, the celery and carrot sticks, but to focus on the end, the ripped tanned six pack abs that gets the girls, the slim tummy, thick booty and hour-glass figure that gets the boys…fat turned into a fat sizzling, muscle building dream beach bod with a winners lifestyle, fast cars, big muscles, hot dates, winning, alpha as f*ck.

Health in our version of the world is privacy, security and decentralisation. Health is OK, privacy is OK. But what sells better is intrinsic human motivators.

This is what we need to do, we need to take what we know at its core is GOOD and HEALTHY for humanity but that is essentially boring in the beginning stages for the masses and show them the end.

Show them what they can have in a year not on day one.

What is that end?

Sex, mating, food, money, power, freedom… further distilled versions are yachts, beaches, cocktails, laughter, children, good times.

Data is money, servers are money, ownership of those is power, power leads to sex, mating, intimacy.

It’s all brilliantly intertwined. And if it can be harnessed it is magic.

Jeff Bezos is power, Elon Musk is power, Mark Zuckerberg is power. They have OWNERSHIP. They are as powerful as they are because they OWN ASSETS. These ASSETS can be owned by the very users of SAFE.

How do we package this up into perfectly sized little balls of goodness that our future users will gobble up? The future bod, maybe in this sense is the future data centre owner?
I honestly do not know right now. These are ideas.

The original videos and articles that attracted me to MaidSafe and the network worked on me because I could see it, I could see the potential. Most people will likely not see it although I do think there has been a massive shift in the last few years with all of the censorship, bannings and blockings.

Parler was essentially digitally executed because they did not OWN their data, their users did not OWN their data, they gave it up, Amazon owned and controlled it.

GAB on the other hand does OWN its own data, not much for their users sake, but they do OWN their own data and it is much harder to silence them, this means they can continue to operate and grow $$$. This is just another way to look at it.

How do you take a real life example like that and spin it, remove the politics and deliver that message to the masses?

I honestly cannot get away from the fact that it has to do with money. I have racked and re-racked my brain and I cannot distance myself from this. It is at the heart of it. And it is not something I have made up or thought of, its a natural part of it as it seems.

As some of you know I have written a few pieces on MaidSafe and SAFE and published them on Medium. My most popular article was How To Easily “Mine” A Unique CryptoCurrency On Any Device for FREE…and The Best Part - It’s Already Valued At One Dollar ($1) And Growing! | by Andrei Rotariu | safenetwork | Medium had something like 6.9K views with a avg. read time of 14 minutes! 14 minutes is uncommon, most articles with thousands of views are in the 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 minute range. WHY?


The SAFE network represents monetary opportunities because it handles data in a novel way. And as a technology loving society, we all kind of understand technology and data equals money in this modern world even if we don’t understand how or why. We just get it, most people get it at some level.

And there are different opportunities as we all know.

App development.
Content creation.
…and ones we are not even aware of.

The first is farming because it has to be this way, it is a requirement for success of our network.

Attracting farmers in my opinion will be far easier than attracting app developers, folks interested in privacy, decentralization and content creators. In the process this naturally comes second.

Inviting someone who is already interested in things such as cryptocurrency, mining, decentralization, computer networking to SAFE where they can earn tokens for participating in a network and providing some basic resources is like shooting fish in a barrell.
Many of these same targets have already tried and FAILED at mining because it is too heavy a resource burden for them to even break even.

If we can attract, and we will, the initial one thousand farmers, our network will succeed I believe, our work will be made so much easier, these thousand farmers will be naturally incentivised to invite and attract others to use their network.
I repeat. This is not something we even need to develop or create or build in them, it’s not something that needs to be communicated and harped on, this is just intrinsic behaviour that will occur naturally.

My vision: I see a future where every home has inside of it its own miniature data centre. A miniature SAFE Network data centre to be precise. Whirring away silently, contributing to human data. Non-government, non-corporate owned, pure human peer-to-peer decentralized data. And all while earning enough to pay for itself or in some cases, for the aged nodes enough to maybe and possible pay them an income. The early bird gets the worm! And just like that we welcome our one thousand individual farmers!
Just like every home in the west has a fridge, tv, dvd, microwave and of course similar to a wireless/ethernet router, a piece of technology most people barely understand but they have it because they need it to CONNECT.

When the farmers are on SAFE, the app developers start to develop because they too see the new opportunities and they begin to develop and publish chat apps, forums, social media, funny websites, adult websites, music content, video content, content for kids… now the farmers and app developers have something to invite the masses to…

Pie in the sky maybe.

I will be writing some more articles on Hackernoon this time targeted towards the monetary opportunities SAFE brings. Lets see what happens. Stay tuned.


This is so true. To sell something that seems so unobtainable or perhaps intangible and high effort, you have to focus solely on the appealing end result.

In our case I’m not sure if we can focus so much on sexy as we can convenience. I’ll hop in the other thread to attempt to add to the conversation on that front.


It should come down to trust. Can the tech be trusted as a foundation to build the future on in such challenging times with so many existential threats like AI, nuclear proliferation and climate change?

Zuboff said the current model is based on selling prediction on product sell throughs but for increasing returns that prediction model must yield to literal control through direct behavioral manipulation to achieve total accuracy in prediction. She called it a Skinerian nightmare. An example shr cited of where that goes is insurance companies insisting they must be able to spy on your driving to collude up rates but then going one further in lobbying for the “control” to be able to disable your car the minute your insurance payment is late. So the current model is about control and enclosure. So same as the old model but with tyrrany of the data base added in. People don’t want that tyrrany.

Bitcoin was supposed to be a stabile store of value (goal of being free of manipulation again) but now a pro short former SEC commissioner laughably and hypocritically wants Tesla investigated for manipulating bitcoin’s value. And look at bitcoin’s ourageous origins, its literally something the US state developed out of financial warfare efforts.

People don’t want any of that. They want trust and truth matching, they want trust based relationships and they want win-win instead of zero sum. They want the commons back. They want their freedom back and they want an end to self promoting grifters being given control over their lives through corrupt law and other means.
SAFE attempts to address central points of failure. It takes us away from the direction of turning the internet into the one way top down megaphone of sponsored broadcast TV- takes us away from employer media and away from top down command and control supply side inbread society. Away from (to paraphrase): the medium of control itself is the message or more control

Been hearing about a particular royal whose tossed the family mafia, married out of race, moved out of the country, said he’d work for a living, (apparently put himself in harms way,) ditched TV and social media. Now that seems quite noble if it can be kept up. People want to be able to disconnect from the borg and the rent.

But it won’t be enough to run it on the ISPs the public already paid for ten times over with an ocean of unlit fiber and gouged rates and long distance scams etc. It needs to be based on mesh hardware the public owns and controls directly and elements like whitenoise channels and line of sight optical and stuff that bypasses sponsored (private or state) physical control. So now that the SAFE beta is about here its about time to think of SAFE mesh nodes again that are dirt cheap milspec tough solar powered and solid state made in numbers far greater than AK 47s. Imagine if one could could glue one to their roof and it would instantly link with free space optical to the one their neighbors glued to their roofs. People want to cord cut and pump cut.


Keep a Copy on Safe

Target audience: My Mum

“Where did I leave that document? I emailed it but I’ve searched and searched and I still can’t find it. Worst thing is I seem to have deleted it. It’s not on my laptop, or the PC or my phone. Yes, I should have printed it out, but what with everything going on it would probably have gone missing or got chucked out, and anyway I was too preoccupied with other things. I had that cloud storage thing a while ago which my friend recommended, so it may be there, but I can’t remember the password because I always used to use the cat’s name until you told me that wasn’t secure, so I changed it and wrote the new one down somewhere but I can’t remember where…”

From now on, Mum, with important documents, photos, contacts, medical records anything you really don’t want to lose - just Keep a Copy on Safe®. It will always be there, safe and secure, away from hackers and scammers forever. There’s just one login for everything. What’s that? No, I’m afraid you can’t use the cat’s name for the password again.


It’s really a “Safe Network of Networks”, yes? I am 1 hour old noob so don’t mind me.


I think the climate change /environmental thing is something that will resonate with many people if properly framed. Not in a political “we’re all gonna die” way, but more about the long-term stupidity of burning large quantities of limited fossil fuel resources to “mine” blockchain coins. Regardless of where one sits on the “how bad is CO2” spectrum I think nearly everyone would agree that we don’t need more of it in our atmosphere if there’s an obvious better alternative (Safe Network). Energy, even if nearly free someday (say nuclear fusion) is still a precious commodity that blockchain wastes. Same with the environmental impact of mining all the materials to produce the processors/computers that waste the energy mining the blocks. Maybe some images of a warehouse full of miners next to a coal powerplant (w/ some dark smoke) vs. someone sitting at a laptop powered by a solar panel situated at an actual farm (w/ lots of green things growing). This is obviously just one hook/angle of many and likely not the most powerful, but it does lend itself to some strong imagery.

Personal/private data ownership is probably the strongest selling point (or at least one of them). We need to figure out some way to convey that that people really feel in their gut intuitively.


That’s the thing. A fun way to go about it is to see if you can describe it without using ‘dead’ words like data which can’t easily be pictured. Private/privacy is another one. We all know what privacy is but creating a contextual picture in a few words is hard. I’d even avoid ‘network’ if possible (unless marketing to techies or using in terms of social or personal networks, where the meaning is more clear).

The CO2 angle is certainly a good one in the crypto context.


How did you discover Safe Network if I may ask?

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I’m glad you and @goindeep have asked this question. I hope people don’t mind being asked and it makes me wonder if we should imply that question in the Introduce Yourself thread?


And how about the family photo’s and videos…?

There was a thread a while back asking this, some good info there.

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Photos are there. My mum doesn’t really do videos. Target market of one!

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Solid on SAFE for data ownership right?

My sense is the burning fossil fuels or excess use of energy for bitcoin was always a temporary albeit fraudulent element and it will be overcome (but of course I am not really informed on bitcoin or crypto currency and can’t gloss over my lack of understanding still resulting in a bias.) Also don’t think fossil fuels are all that limited in a relative sense on supply because their source for energy content is likely something else like thorium decay and the industry would likely knows so limited supply propaganda would be a debeers diamond type scam to help prop up their corporate welfare which they couldn’t exist without. But I hate the culture of criminality and entitled corporate state welfare for poison for profit schemes based on twisted outdated security models and hate the property models- this utter garbage should have been completely nationalized from the start. With fossil fuels because of inherantly weak thermodynamics throughout the entire logistical/use chain its like we are always sinking under break even (with its property models destroying democracy) almost like we have to push our own cars Flinstones style. I wonder how much the modern world really actually relies on our most primitive stunted nuclear tech (not thorium through fossil fuels but the stuff at places like Fukushima, 3 Mile Island and Chernobyl.) In so many ways being stuck with fossil fuels has to be about tech suppression to reinforce control. Fossil fuels are a literal chain around people’s necks a concrete yoke an implement of economic slavery. There are some good people now saying were going to be burning fossil fuels for a while. But they say that
because its compulsory. We could be done burning fossil fuels by 2030 and we must. There will be a cost for that but people who invest stupidly need to pay that cost, otherwise we really undermine risk taking. And outside of the good people trying to say concilatory things over modern slavery there are foot draging placating green washers like gates and buffet that had people investing in this modern slavery and who benefitted personally from their own pied pippering. They keep trying to do everything to miminize the losses to their contingent. They are in the way and need to get out of the way.

Let me try again. SAFE is about real society which is based on trust and truth. The alternative is false society based on coercion, lies and fear.
Which one do we want? Do we want to be constantly intentionally misinformed so that we can be controlled and kept down through living in constant fear held ransom and under duress from birth with the same for all those we care about or could potentially care about to the point that we are so impoverished we conclude we can’t afford to ever care and live instead in perpetual dead numbness without hope in total cynicism? Or, do we want society composed of reliable relationships and reliable systems.

Lord of the data:

One password to rule them all, One password to find them,
One password to bring them all, and in freedom, bind them.

Join the SafeNetwork, the worlds first decentralized, autonomous data network


Best hook will be if great apps appear running on the network, something that an average Joe need.

For example: news feeds(everyone wanna now whats happening in the world), social networking(everyone wanna meet people and share things online), search engine(everyone are asking google about something they dont know and how to make it), web shops…