What's our marketing hook? What do we do about it?

I’ve been doing a lot of meming for sh*ts and gigs lately on the r/dogecoin subreddit. It just fits, memes + meme coin. Don’t need to be a genius to figure that out. It’s fun.

What is our hook? Our angle?

Bitcoin is the big boy, the first one, its digital gold. Doesn’t even really need a hook, it has achieved the network effect simply by being first and now being globally recognised.

Doge as we just said is a meme, meme’s spread like wildfire, they’re literally ideas’. Funny, pisstake is its hook.

Ethereum, “smart” contracts…

Litecoin, digital silver, Bitcoins baby brother…


I think we all instinctively know right.

Those groups, being folks concerned with privacy, security and censorship.
Personally this is my angle, this is my go-to and in fact I don’t always link what I post out in the WWW here on this forum but I do receive great responses when i post rampage.
I post in r/privacy I post on 4chan, I post and comment on #censorship related hashtags on twitter.

Posting replying commenting and communicating with folks on crypto related projects is just a little cringe IMO and the bang you get for your buck is just not there and besides many “crypto” folks just want to make a quick buck, their not necessarily in it for the tech. I can’t really remember but if I recall myself and @Dimitar ran facebook and reddit campaigns a while back and my reddit campaign faired a little better I believe due to the fact it was targeted to those groups on reddit.

This in my opinion is our hook, it’s our angle and we should be doing more of it. There is a BIG conversation going on in these circles and we need be make ourselves heard.

Our hooks:


Once we go live with the network, farming/mining is another BIG hook due to the fact regular people simply cannot mine and make it profitable and so by the very nature of our farming offer it is democratised and open to all but we’ll leave that be until then.

Please tell me I am not the only one seeing this as a big opportunity we should be making more out of.


Since I mentioned memes:


I have been thinking something like:

– It’s scary… all the things they can do if no one can control the internet! I’m not really sure if full privacy is such a good idea…

– Well yeah, but imagine them having the control and you having no privacy!


I think @Nigel’s point about a network of networks, and the multiplicative effect of those network effects in different areas may be worth using.

We are all confident that Safe can blow all these other projects away on their own turf because it uses such superior technology. The hard part is conveying this the breadth of Safe’s use cases in a succinct and effective way. In a way our problem is we can’t focus on one area of competence without selling Safe short, but if we try to mention everything it’s too thin.

But I think @Nigel’s list of network effects is compelling enough to get people interested because it’s both a different style of message and something you’d be foolish to ignore in case it’s true.

Here’s the post I’m taking about:


Raoul Pal has been talking a lot about Metcalfe’s Law and that there is a correlation between Bitcoin and Ethereum in terms of active adresses vs price. He can line up the charts when both hit 1 million active addresses and the price action looks identical. In short, he expects ETH to go to $20,000 like bitcoin did in 2017.

Metcalfe’s Law is a great way of measuring value of a network and in that article I linked it shows the many different types of networks and some fall under direct and indirect.

“Direct (same-side, or symmetric) network effects happen when an increase in users directly creates more utility for all of the users, that is, a better product or service. Facebook, Tinder.

Indirect (cross-side, or assymetric) network effects happen when an increase in users indirectly create more utility for other types of users. Airbnb and Uber, where more hosts and drivers creates more utility for guests and passengers.”

Regardless the examples given mean that these networks can all exist on the Safe Network with many of these being part of the “protocol” (I know David hates that term to describe Safe). So though we value the internet and these networks are built on top of it, the internet does not have an integrated medium of exchange to express that value whereas the Safe Network does. This makes Safe the network of networks.

It might be useful to list the ‘built in’ network types to drive that point home, such as SafeID’s etc etc.



Im basically a moron when it comes to math but I have been trying to bang on about network effects in this forum for ages too, its a much needed discussion. For SAFE to be a success it needs to achieve a network effect.

When you say built in network types, what do you mean exactly?


Agreed. “Network of Networks” is broad and modular enough to “scale” to address many use cases and target demographics. It also allows for positive positioning because emphasizing risk doesn’t tend to motivate people/consumers (e.g. this is why life insurance is a hard sell, and why most people don’t actively care about data privacy). People tend to be more motivated by value they can capture (rather than risk they can avoid). Something like “Network of Networks” can speak to that.


My issue with network of networks is its a little nerdy…but then again so is what i was saying…but then again i was talking about directing those efforts to those communities…its a tough one. No matter what we do, it needs to be directed and targeted and I think this is where our hook misses the mouth of the fish.

Once we beta the fact normies can farm and earn rewards is beyond huge.


This is the point that got my attention and which I think we can use. All I’ve done so far is a tweet, but it shows that is possible to state this in a succinct way that can be a hook. We should have something people can follow up which shows briefly how each use case is supported by Safe.

As a first level, maybe a table (matrix) listing each network effect use case on the left, with a column for each feature Safe provides. A tick in the column indicates a feature needed by the use case (the rows) which Safe provides. Things like anonymity, decentralisation, e2e encryption, storage, censorship resistance and so on.

With a link to a slightly longer explanation of each case and each of the features.


Don’t get me wrong; “Network of Networks” is too incomplete to serve as positioning because it doesn’t communicate a tangible benefit (i.e. answer “so what?”). However, I do think “Network of Networks” provides a good foundational building block.


Yeah it all has to be framed or teed up and I think

  • explaining what Metcalfe’s Law is
  • what direct/indirect networks are
  • the different network types with current/realworld examples
  • which types are inherent to Safe and why the network having a medium to express the value (Safe Network Token) of a network of networks is one of the best value propositions and investment opportunities of a lifetime.

Might be a good approach. Maybe that can be simplified even more?


Go to this post and read the link. No match skills required. What’s up today? - #6329 by Nigel


I imagine this could be the third or fourth level down from the hook, which not many people will reach. Next, investigation of Safe (eg the Safe Network Primer) shows how Safe provides each of feature from the matrix/table.

Like a pyramid with the hook at the top, inviting people to drill down one level at a time.

Step 1. Who are we marketing to? (pick 1)
Step 2. What is the concrete, visible, desirable image we want them to see in their mind’s eye?
Step 3. How will they internalise that image and explain what it represents to someone else? (Propagating the meme)
Step 4. How will they act on that image and their understanding of what it promises?

To me ‘network of networks’ is a decent hook for developers or entrepreneurs, an interesting concept, a new stage of evolution, a concept that will fit with their existing beliefs. It’s catchy and interesting and vaguely scientific, but the ‘why’ is missing, as is the ‘what can I do with it now’.

Great brainstorming - I love it.



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Just get Musk to tweet one word


Like a sales funnel. Might be useful to look into how to structure one. Hope that doesn’t sound manipulative.

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These are the 4 Target Groups that I’m investigating through qual/quant research:

  • dApp Developers
  • dApp Users
  • Farmers/Earners
  • Investors/Traders

Preliminary insights from the target group research and competitive analysis indicate that we should prioritize reaching developers and users first.

Spoiler alert: there’s likely a YouTube video/podcast coming on the conversation Jim, m3data, Piluso and I had to arrive at this. I just watched the raw footage (~125 min today) & there’s great content to share!<

spoiler alert part 2: I’ll be reaching out to community members who might like to guest star in one of these conversations. More to come!<

While there will be overlaps in membership across target groups (e.g. devs maybe farmers may be users may be traders/investors), we will have to develop a customized way of speaking to each group. Right now, we are focused on how we can effectively speak to devs and users. (Sidebar, I really don’t like the term “users”, but oh well…)

This is where community engagement is going to be so pivotal. To facilitate this, we have to not only develop resonant and relevant positioning, but also package it in an easily shareable manner that makes clear the benefit of sharing. @M3data succinctly captures this with the “motivation x ability” framework he shared during our really long conversation.

Hopefully (and if we are successful), this all translates to a virtuous cycle of Awareness :arrow_right: Engagement :arrow_right: Adoption :arrow_right: Value Creation & Realization :arrow_right: Evangelism :arrow_right: Awareness :arrow_right:

“Networks of Networks” is so flexible! For consumers who like to communicate, it could be “Network of Networks so you can securely & privately communicate, whether we’re talking business or pleasure”.

I’ve just drafted a script for a video that I think could be pretty cool, but I have no animation skills… :no_mouth: If someone who does have animation skills is interested in a collab, let me know. Maybe we could pull something together for the community to checkout :smile:


@m3data totally nailed the concept videos so it would be great to see something produced in that vein.


OK I’ll hold fire til I see it! I know this stuff is really tricky - making something seem effortless and obvious is the hardest thing in the world. Not sure how much weight the ‘network of networks’ can carry across the range of audiences - i.e can they all see it as a picture - but it’s a good start.

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