What's our current demographic?

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@Safety1st aren’t we all of African descent? :wink:

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Depends what you mean by “we,” and also whether you accept current but unsupported dogmas regarding human evolution.

Indeed my African brother!. I just prefer this term because 1) It highlights the truth that we are all related and 2) my daughter refers to her “black” friends and family as brown and her “white” friends as peach and it’s useless trying to convince her otherwise.

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I think the more terms the better, because otherwise we get to attached to things which are only useful as shorthand, and become divisive without foundation. We have peach and brown and coffee in my close family :smile: not to mention a range of accents and much other diversity. :smile:

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We are a 197(ish)yo semi-feline of nationality most renounced, interested in art, anime, and sleeping. Prefs not on a plane, because them whiskers get brittle in that cold, dry air. Currently too lazy for world domination, but who knows.