What's our current demographic?

Would be interesting to know how diverse or centered the group of people that currently follow Safe closely are.
Sex, age, nationality, occupation? Who dares to divulge such intimate secrets :slight_smile:

I know we have introduce yourself but it’s so long winded… I’m hoping for short and to the point.

37 year old expat white boy kitesurfing instructor / petroleum storage tech - South African born ex Londoner living in sunny Fl.

Merge if you must :angry:

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While our users are not prevented from posting such data, I feel that it is prudent to remind our community that we take several measures here at the forums to protect your privacy. And we don’t even ask for those details being asked for in this post.

Also I would like to bring our community’s attention to good internet hygiene. Namely to not post Personally Identifiable Information online publicly.


Unless you want to of course…and don’t mind being publicly identified…and don’t care to be obsessively washing your hands…lol… :smile:


Could you possibly make a survey thats anonymous, so would enable people to answer the question without linking to individuals, and would enable graphing etc to see results?

I have no idea if that’s possible on the forum, but would be interesting if it’s possible.

Unfortunately some matching would be feasible since we are relatively small forum.

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So much for that then. I dont see the problem but perhaps I am missing something.
Thought it could provide some interesting info.

If you were to say mainly middle aged neckbeards and nerdy twenty somethings with a liberal sprinkling of crazy and ideological people of all ages…I’d say you wouldn’t be far wrong… :smile:
PS - I’m a 50 year old juvenile delinquent neckbeard…for your records…


I’m not bothered about being anonymous online myself (and I’m not anonymous), though I see the value in it being an option.

I’d certainly be happy putting my details in a survey if you make it, and others may also, especially if some details are vague enough (e.g. 10 year age bands, general geographic region etc).


Reporter looking to do a piece.

Please speak to our press officer, Nunya Bidness.


No @bluebird I am not a reporter. I have been following the project for near on 2 years, I am not a regular poster even though I am here several times a day religiously.
Going by what @Al_Kafir says I believe I am a minority in terms of avid followers.
I am not necessarily surprised by the general reluctance to share personal details by people supporting an anonymous network so much is to be expected I guess.
To me being able to volunteer whatever info I am comfortable to share with those whom I choose to do so, is more important than being a 1 or 0.

Btw @Al_Kafir thanks for introducing me to the term neckbeard… you learn something new everyday :slight_smile:


That’s the nail on the head…it is dependent on the situation and freedom of choice to share or not share is the most important thing. :smile:


White, male, 34. More computer knowledge than the average person, but less than those who can program etc


No issues sharing some rather anonymous data. I think I never properly introduced myself in that other topic anyway lol…

Anyway. Caucasian. Male. 49 years old. Married. Father of 2 children (1 and 3 years old). Working in ICT as consultant. Collector of music rarities (test pressings, glass masters, promos etc) and antique silver coins.

Before I settled down and started a family, I’ve been travelling the world during holidays, trekking and climbing the Himalaya 6,000+ meter being highlights, spend day and sometimes night on a 1,100 cc custom bike, played in a comedy group, wrote poetry, visited multi-day musical festivals and was active in several political youth groups. As you might have guessed, I never had time to go to University, so I never bothered. I started working when I was 19 years old, and I never looked back. :slight_smile:


Hmmmm planet Earth, human beings, AI’s up next after that
Planet Mars, Martians

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I’m an early 30s male from the UK with an interest in technology, economics & finance. I’m an entrepreneur working on a couple of innovative startups.


How hard could it be to build a basic anonymous survey app with existing api…


Im 19 years old, and im a student of Industrial automatization and robotics


I am 15 years old from ireland. I have been looking into maidsafe for a bit over a year now.


Neckbeard definition - a man who is socially inept and physically unappealing, especially one who has an obsessive interest in computing. :confused:

iiiinnnnteresting! :joy:

Per a small part of my intro, I am a

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Yes, sorry for blowing my own trumpet again…as I’m actually rubbish at computing, I may have bigged myself up a bit there too… :smile: