What's a killer app with safe?

Killer apps? Or minimum suite on launch?

  • Music Player
  • Video Player
  • Personal File storage
  • Git
  • Content Management System
  • Blog Software
  • Forum Software
  • Message broadcasting service (like twitter)
  • Social Network (like Facebook)
  • photo sharing (Instagram)
  • email
  • safe version of Google docs
  • safe chat app

Some of these are on the way.
With the timescale to launch, would it be wishfull
Thinking to have a SAFENetwork version of the above services.

Imagine if on launch these were all available.

Might be worth having a dev checklist/record of people attempting each of these apps and linking to their github and project pages.

And which are still yet to be attempted.

I think on Fleming launch with a minimally operatable network… Would it be a good idea to start a competition in each of the above categories?.. And the winner of each category, according to minimum specification and following standards… gets a reward of MAID 25,000 ?

I think on a de-risking launch like Fleming money should be thrown at a competition like this.

Money motivates.
Competitions raise awareness.

Many apps will be generated.


Every people’s data storage…

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