What would you like to see the Network on top of?

Assuming that the Network rollout goes smoothly, what would you like to see the Network on top of? Right now, the Network runs on top of TCP/IP and also uses UDP along with a couple technologies based on top of it.

Mesh networks have been a dream for a while, but keep in mind, the Network doesn’t optimize for proximity. Probably something with a uniformly random addressing scheme would help and theoretically keep everything proportionately close physically.

Also relevant is that home networking has no need to get rid of any wires, as it’s all property of the owner. With fiber coming, wiring has the ability to become much much faster.

There’s room for tons of technologies here. What’s out there or what do you guys have in mind?


Having SAFE run on top of the cell network would be nice. SafeOS for one’s phone I believe would be popular but that would probably be covered via TCP/IP and UDP. What I think would really make things interesting is having a protocol to allow SAFE to be run over radio wave frequencies of some kind. This would add a whole new dimension to which networks could be created. Moreover what with so many television channels switching to digital that means there’s a whole mess of bandwidth being freed up one could exploit. Why not turn it into long distance internet protocol? It may or may not have the speed of conventional LAN, wifi or lifi but with SAFE in the works and one transmitting across country you don’t really need to. You just need to get from one group of nodes to another. It would be like produce being shipped across the ocean, unpacked, and then bought and sold all over a local city at fast pace. Come to think of it it could also solve the puddle problem (trans oceanic gap) when it comes to mesh networking since television and radio signals can be broadcast all the way across the ocean. If you give them enough power they can get all they way into space and across the galaxy given time. It just depends on how powerful one’s transmitter is.


Now is that with LTE? (Whatever that tech is)

LTE yeah and I don’t know enough about the backend of cell networks to advise but I think it would be a good feature. It would certainly cut down on the spying.


Well, the IP/TCP runs on top of LTE so we have no problems operating there.

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Well that’s good but I still think using radio and television signals for covering long distance would be a good idea.

Do a search for “ham radio operators” and “internet”, because they have for decades been doing data communications over radio.

Another is search out articles on software defined radios. Some of them deal with data transfers.

I don’t have any links unfortunately since its been a long time since I looked it up


Do a search for “ham radio operators” and “internet”, because they have for decades been doing data communications over radio.

Yes, back in the eighties a colleague showed me his packet, er packet radio setup at home. :slight_smile:

It was very low data rates back then and I suspect not much scope for improvement unlike the internet infrastructure that has pushed limits hard.

Be interesting to find out.

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How about white space.
If open source hardware with frequency modulation of white space were created that would make for a great mesh network.