What will the SAFE network do to the current internet?


Well said. Within the big organizations environment there are many stake holders to satisfy. Too much reliance on historical data to justify a change & historical data are lagging indicators. By the time they realised that something disruptive has happened & those data they treasure so much won’t be able to help them, it’s already too late. I’m into this project mainly because of the passion and genius people behind. That combined with a solid concept is a potent disruptor which I personally believe will change the world.


Yes, yes, yes and yes! A giant is so tall it has it’s head in clouds, and can not see the busy ants below.


Another point: giants no longer need to innovate once they are big enough to crush competition and move forward through company acquisition. Apple didn’t figure out the complex calculations needed to make augment reality so easy, it simply bought the company that already figured it out.

Safe is seen niether as competition right now, nor does it appear to be anything more than an encrypted storge network.

By the time it goes live, it’s viral quality will be such that there will be no turning back: no way to crush it, and impossible to simply buy it up. It’ll be unstoppable, and become an Autonomous giant of its own!


Well said and agree with you

Also as I read it this reasoning also applies to governments and their attempts to stifle privacy & anonymity.

Google is so big that they cannot even fix a security problem in the email system that was pointed out to them in less than 6 months. What hope have they to notice something that the “experts” haven’t noticed.


Yes, that does make sense.
Hopefully there will be more adoption towards 2018.


google will die out. no data mining anymore :smiley: