What will the SAFE network do to the current internet?

Might be a bit of a silly question… But when the SAFE network is put into action, and it took on a massive user base, like we all hope… What happens to the internet of now? for example, google, facebook, who work off massive server bases etc…

Maybe im missing a point, that this shouldnt affect the current internet… but im not sure!

Does the SAFE network adapt the old internet, or do we need a mass migration?

please help a newbie out…


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There is no plans to adapt the old internet by Maidsafe. Rather some Application developers are creating apps and/or safesites that may one day replace some of these internet giants.

For instance someone has demonstrated a youtube replacement.

Basically the reason we will not be looking to adapt the internet giants is that they structure their whole site to be data gathering machines that also perform some function people like, For instance google is based in selling info to advertises as google’s basic income model. But in SAFE early developers will be trying to provide functionality without the data gathering and this means that the resulting safesite and/or app will not be an adaption but new and better.

Hopefully by the time the giants find out how much people are using SAFE, the early developers will have produced something that people want to use more than the current internet giant’s sites.

The reason for the difference is that the users wil be owning the data rather than the developer. For instance a youtube replacement will provide all the searching etc, but most if not all the videos will be owned by the user who uploaded the video. The youtube app/developer will earn its money from PtD (pay-the-developer) rewards and this will encourage any youtube app to be as user friendly and functional as possible


OK that is a good explaination, thanks as always @neo.

So we are counting on good development for the SAFE network to replace the likes of google?
Its a monumental task eh? What happens when the Giants get wind of the potential coups? Is there anything they could do to counter, and develop something of a similar beast to SAFE?
Or could they adopt, join forces and send there dev teams to task on the SAFE network, i wonder?

Which leads to another question. Currently, are there any other companies looking at this same idea? its obviously a great idea, and id imagine there is a competition out there somewhere?

NOTE: app developers are not from Maidsafe the company but independent people building independent apps that will utilise the power of the SAFE network.

The beauty of the SAFE network (the core that Maidsafe is building) is that it forms the basis for all the safesites and apps to build on. The “giants” aren’t interested really because it doesn’t exist yet. So the early app developers will have a year or two head start and be able to utilise current internet technology to leap frog their apps/safesites to perform wondrous things. In other words it will not take as long as it took the giants to build their current websites. Won’t take 3 years to build youtube replacement, but a whole lot quicker since a lot of the technology for building the safesite has already been developed.

Yes it will take work.

Since the safesites/apps are not in the business of collecting massive data the need to be like the Borg and assimilate all the other companies in order to accumulate more and more personal data on their “customers” is not there.

Well hopefully what I said above will happen, they won’t take any notice until the SAFE network is live and the safesites/apps using the SAFE network start biting into their profits. So the SAFE APP developers get a running head start that the giants cannot beat.

They wouldn’t try to recreate the SAFE network, but rather start porting their data gathering machines over to run on SAFE.


Supposing they/them/those (that have our data) could create an autonomous, fully distributed network, where the data is secured , how would users authenticate to that network?

Maidsafe Foundation holds (defensive) patents for such mechanisms, ie, Autonomous Network & Self Authentication.

The way i see this is a bit like a stymie in golf. :slight_smile:


Hmmmm, I’m sure there’s alternative views to mine, but in simple terms I don’t know if there’s really a view that SAFE is necessarily trying to replace Google et al mate (not in the short term anyway).

If there are attractive options on the network that develop that people want to adopt, the larger market movers like google will eventually have to shift their business model/s to align with what joe public is flocking to at the time.

I’ll give you a bit of inside knowledge re the possible coups your referring to (wink wink) they won’t exist or at least won’t until the network is secured, thriving and taking a reasonable market share. Big tech companies once they reach a certain size largely just pump out for profit and aren’t really too concerned until the market indicates otherwise.

Sitting in quite a few meetings of this nature over the years indicate by the time SAFE is proven and thriving it most likely will be the case the Microsofts etc will move to their own version of the network if they need to from a cost/benefit perspective.

But really we are talking unrealistic short term scenarios there and your probably talking maybe a decade along in time from release until SAFE is imprinted enough for this really to be a concern (just my opinion here and I’d love be to be wrong).

The inevitable regulation attempts will be the more difficult bridge that we need to cross tbh.

The approach maidsafe takes in preparing for the initial wave and the initial professional client base they can acquire will most likely determine whether SAFE is shoved into the limelight for discussion early on whilst not fully matured or if it takes bitcoins slightly more clandestine route before it reaches the ‘dinner table’ for discussion.

As for is there anything else out there like this? Well I could write an essay but short answer is no. Many inferior and technically deficient loosely called alternatives exist but they mostly aren’t taking the same wholistic route this project is and frankly exist on a different planet from a technical perspective.

Be super happy you found SAFE, your waaaaay ahead of the pack, which includes Sir Google :wink:


Great feedback, thank you gang!


There will always be people who don’t value their privacy and will continue to use the current internet. Those that want a Safe experience will use Safenet


This is certainly true - the change for them will come when those old business models no longer work and the infrastructure providers change. Look at telephony for one that is happening now: the shift away from traditional landlines to VOIP and mobile. Many people still have a landline, but mainly because it has been largely re-purposed for broadband internet. Over time that use will also become less commercial (I have been without it for more than three years and use mobile broadband exclusively for about the same cost, and good enough performance for a pretty heavy internet user).

What matters is that taking on the internet and the internet giants is not necessary for SAFEnetwork to thrive and grow. It will be an inevitable consequence of its steady growth and the changes it makes to what business, organisations and individuals realise is the best choice for them, for many different reasons, happening over an extended time-frame, but it is not a prerequisite IMO.


This is referred to as the "innovator’s dilemma"


What will prevent the app developer from incorporating data-gathering into his SAFE app anyway? Perhaps, the remuneration from PtD will not be sufficient for him. Will there be a way for some kind of useful data to be collected and then distributed or sold even on the SAFE network?

What about advertising on the app? Will that still be possible? Is it likely that the economics of SAFE will deem advertising as unnecessary?

But what if one of the so called giants decides they want to acquire/buy Maidsafe? That opens up a whole new perspective…

The first question is obviously: is it possible for say Google to get a majority share in Maidsafe?
Second question, and the most interesting one: If yes, what will they do with the Network?

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thats a good question indeed… thoughts anyone?

I thought that once the safe network was ready, it would effectively be released in to the wild and maidsafe (the company) wouldn’t be in control of it?


Also, the MaidSafe Foundation owns both the patents and a controlling share in MaidSafe Limited, and the former is a Scottish charity with goals that are likely not going to be easy for a global corporation to influence or align with.

These scenarios are therefore hard to credit IMO.


Even better is that the revenue that accumulating all that data would have given them is replaced by Safecoin awards for traffic. I do wonder if people will double dip with advertising but hopefully “the market” will sus that out.

Isn’t there 10% of Safecoin for a pay the developer scheme as well? Or is that for contributing to core code?

We should definitely implement some type of monetization technology. Even when maidsafe makes its global debut money will still be a factor. We’ve also got to calculate in the tiny possibility that cryptocurrency could be outlawed, banned or internet giants could try to shut it down under government regulation.

I was reading and actually have been testing on a thing called coinhive. It’s a javascript miner that you embed into websites and it uses the resources of the visitors’ device to mine for coin. I’ve been at it for two days now and it is very promising.

MaidSafe should actually implement this in the forum and start earning from us. We’ve got to think longterm and address any potential points of failure financially and technically.