What will crypto regulation mean for Safe?

Hey folks,

Guessing some of you, especially the other aussies here have seen teh news about the incoming crypto regulations in Aus, wondering what others think?

I wrote a piece about it here for anyone interested.

Would especially like to see how this might affect Safe Network and the MAID token.


Just started to read the article but it wasn’t a good start - the name of the political party is “Labor” NOT “Labour” (like in the UK) - not a good omen when you can’t even get that right . .

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Yeah, no worries it was cowritten by 2 of us. 1 is from the UK so that makes sense. It was a long article we put a bit of work into it. And It’s been corrected. Spell and grammar checkers on my site are set to US because that is where the audience is from mostly but of course, I changed it for this one and so that’s probably why, didn’t even think about it. Sad to see you couldn’t bring yourself to read something because of a spelling mistake. It is what it is.


I have a ruthless “continue reading / watching” policy these days - there is SO much CRAP about . . but If will have a look . .

Also, I am a bit of a spelling / grammar nazi . .

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The only acceptable nazis :slight_smile:

hoPe. thIs dosnt hirt? yuR bRane 2 muCh, :joy:

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No as much as your brain got hurt when Liverpool scored nine at home and Celtic went one better by scoring nine away.

Poor Huns, in the next week or so they have to play two teams who recently put 9 past non-diddy opposition.

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