What will be the next feature for the SAFE Demo App?

Put your best guesses here.

I think it will be messaging.

Vaults …


Or you could ask @Ross who likely has a reasonable idea.

That’s cheating…is Ross really a party pooper?


No way, we’re not gonna have vaults until after test-safecoin is proven to work 100%

The odds are not good you say :game_die:

Why do you say this. They already have vaults running on 50 (or 100) machines and that is where our data is stored now.

Vaults (testing) can run very well without any coin test or not.

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Because they need to be able to diagnose problems with test-safecoin without relying on asking the vault users for help.
You can’t really do much to diagnose anything if the network is running on a thousand boxes you don’t control.